This is the virus that I found in my pc. It is the first time I encounter the virus.

I thought it was a new virus, but when I search it on the internet, the virus was created since 2003

It will affects on the MS-Windows folder.

From http://www.fortiguardcenter.com

Visible Symptoms
  • Creation of a .TMP file in the Windows\Temp folder 176,128 bytes in size
  • Increase of EXE or SCR file types by 177Kb
Threat Analysis
  • Virus is 32bit, with a size of 177600 to 177700 bytes
  • Virus writes its code to a file in the Windows\Temp folder in order to execute and infect other files – the created file will be 176,128 bytes and have a .TMP extension
  • Virus then creates a key in the registry –HKEY_CURRENT_USRE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\
    PINF = (HEX value representing the path and filename of the .TMP file created)
  • Virus will infect .EXE or .SCR files on the local system – the infected file will grow in size by a range of 177600 to 177700 bytes
Check the main screen using the web interface for your FortiGate unit to ensure that the latest AV/NIDS database has been downloaded and installed on your system – if required, enable the “Allow Push Update” option


Aiyaa… I am so bored..

The internet connection is sooow slooowww.

My computer is broken down. Huwarghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I am crippled without my own computer and ‘Adobe Photoshop’ ‘ s software.


Please get me out of this boredom!!!!!

Muhuuuuuu.. Well, let me entertain you lah.

Last Sunday me and Dear-Dear went to a tailor near my house.

Instead approaching young tailor, we went to a little older tailor.  Um.. I can say a ‘grandma’ tailor. Because I prefer Chinese tailor when it comes to do shirts or trousers.. Plus, when a grandma hugging and touching you dearie.. you won’t get jealous rite. Wahahaha. (Nyukat badan bah..)

She asked me, whether I’m a teacher ka?. I said ‘No..’  She said many teachers come to her shop. She was such a very kind person. And very humble punya nenek.. hehe. I envy her for her passion in tailoring business.

Later on, I saw the receipt she gaves us.

Now.. tell me. Spot anything?????

“Mun nak molah TAPEL, jangan lupak AMBIT bulan depan.. ” Nguahahahahahhaha

p/s : Sorry for the bad resolution cuz I don’t have a software to edit the picture. Aiyaaaa… boring again maa.


Shopping tips.. :

  • A Little Homework
  • Choosing the Right Store
  • Setting Limits on Impulse Buying
  • Comparison Shopping
  • Beware of Marketing Strategies
  • Learn to Be a Label Reader

Ah! Who would bother to obey the rules???

Would you? I’m afraid not.Muhuhu.

Now, bear in mind my simple rule.

  • Always (1000x) and MUST bring  EXTRA MONEY!!!!

Caution: If you don’t have extra money, then don’t go for shopping.

“Shopping is one thing, being force into purchase against your will is something else”

[Becky Bloomwood – Confessions of a Shopaholic]

Ommedetto Tanjoubi

One of my wish granted!

Hip hip hurray..

Let’s jump on one foot with me. Muhuhu..

I got two books (I repeat..) TWO BOOKS of Little Black Dress Series from my beLURRRVEEE’D sister (Kak Nor).. Ahakz. I always mingled around LBD’s shelves at the bookstore and thought that maybe one day I might buy one. Guess what, I don’t have to buy now. I got it free for my Birthday present.. But wait.. if the books are addictive, then it’ll be my turn to buy next time. Please refer to the notes below.. Wahahaha.

To my sis, ‘sangkiu-sangkiu’ beary much!!!!! Next time, write a wishlist for your upcoming Birthday. Just like our favourite Becky Bloomwood. Muhehehe.

Warning to my sis: Don’t bring red pen to correct my grammar here!!! I know you’re an English teacher. =p Nulis birthday notes pun makey pen mirah. Aduii…Ehehehe…



You know what. I never ate Yee Sang before. Last Saturday my Big Bos held a Chinese New Year Open House at Sarawak Club Kuching. That was the first time I ate that thing. The first appetizer in every Chinese gathering. It taste yummy esp the strips of raw fish combine with nuts and the cuttlefish. aiyoo.. oishi desu ne~ Plus plus plus.. everyone of us received an ang pou!!! Wehehehe.




Look…Boss is approaching towards me. Angpou lai.. lai..hehehe..



My new family.. muhuhu

Tomorrow is my birthday. I remember my favourite character in Shopaholic series – Becky Bloomwood. There was a part in Shopaholic Ties The Knot where she made a wishlist for her wedding gift. I wish I could do the same for my birthday. Of course it won’t be granted. Same goes with Becky though. Haha.. Here’s mine..

Birthday Wishlist (That would never be granted)

  1. DSL Camera (I wish wish wish… to have one.. muhuu)
  2. MP4 player (to kill the boredom in the office.. duh!)
  3. Notebook (please let me have one.. )
  4. Bleach figurine – Abarai Renji(Or any other anime’s figurine.. muhuu0
  5. DVD sets of Japanese Drama (I’m addicted!)
  6. Books books.. more books (Sophie Kinsella, Natsuo Kirino, Cynthia Kadohata)
  7. Recovered from flu (demam indah.. )


Moshi Moshi
I’ve migrate. Hehe.
So refreshing here.
Hi to all new faces..
Welcome back to old faces..


Ehee.. I want to honour my ‘Hiro’ [Mizushima Hiro] to be the first picture in this blog. Ahakz..


Nanba Senpai~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (^.^ )V