Ommedetto Tanjoubi

One of my wish granted!

Hip hip hurray..

Let’s jump on one foot with me. Muhuhu..

I got two books (I repeat..) TWO BOOKS of Little Black Dress Series from my beLURRRVEEE’D sister (Kak Nor).. Ahakz. I always mingled around LBD’s shelves at the bookstore and thought that maybe one day I might buy one. Guess what, I don’t have to buy now. I got it free for my Birthday present.. But wait.. if the books are addictive, then it’ll be my turn to buy next time. Please refer to the notes below.. Wahahaha.

To my sis, ‘sangkiu-sangkiu’ beary much!!!!! Next time, write a wishlist for your upcoming Birthday. Just like our favourite Becky Bloomwood. Muhehehe.

Warning to my sis: Don’t bring red pen to correct my grammar here!!! I know you’re an English teacher. =p Nulis birthday notes pun makey pen mirah. Aduii…Ehehehe…