Aiyaa… I am so bored..

The internet connection is sooow slooowww.

My computer is broken down. Huwarghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I am crippled without my own computer and ‘Adobe Photoshop’ ‘ s software.


Please get me out of this boredom!!!!!

Muhuuuuuu.. Well, let me entertain you lah.

Last Sunday me and Dear-Dear went to a tailor near my house.

Instead approaching young tailor, we went to a little older tailor.  Um.. I can say a ‘grandma’ tailor. Because I prefer Chinese tailor when it comes to do shirts or trousers.. Plus, when a grandma hugging and touching you dearie.. you won’t get jealous rite. Wahahaha. (Nyukat badan bah..)

She asked me, whether I’m a teacher ka?. I said ‘No..’  She said many teachers come to her shop. She was such a very kind person. And very humble punya nenek.. hehe. I envy her for her passion in tailoring business.

Later on, I saw the receipt she gaves us.

Now.. tell me. Spot anything?????

“Mun nak molah TAPEL, jangan lupak AMBIT bulan depan.. ” Nguahahahahahhaha

p/s : Sorry for the bad resolution cuz I don’t have a software to edit the picture. Aiyaaaa… boring again maa.