Tak hingin boleh jadi teringin..

I’m not a big fan of Laksa Sarawak.
Normally, when it comes to choose between Laksa Sarawak and Kolo Mee I would choose Kolo Mee.

Yesterday, I was tempted to eat Laksa Sarawak when my colleague take away the Laksa to the office. (I was fasting yesterday). The smell, man.. it was so strong and autimatically made me aimed hard to eat laksa after break the fast. wuahahahaa..

Laksa Serawak - Special (Banyak Udangss)

Laksa Serawak - Special (Banyak Udangss)

And so the story goes… I went to Mom’s Laksa at Bangunan Koperkasa that night. hehe… I ordered Special Laksa Sarawak which cost RM5.50. It’s worthy!!! Look at the shrimps.. haish~~~~

I wonder what will be my next temptation for the rest fasting month. ahahaha.

p/s: 3 days to go.. Basha!

Rejab – Bulan Allah

Sabda Nabi s.a.w.:
Bulan Rejab Bulan Allah, Bulan Sya’aban bulanku & bulan Ramadhan bulan umatku.

Mustir ramai yang berusaha nak menghabiskan puasa ganti sekarang ni kan..

Tak lama lagi Ramadan.. huhu. Can’t wait.!!

Sapa-sapa nak puasa ganti.. marilah kita beramai-ramai berpuasa di bulan Rejab ini karena besar pahala nya…

Old picture but my all time favourite..

Old picture but my all time favourite..

Malam awal Rejab mustajab do’anya.(Dalam Kitab Raudhoh Iman Nawawi)

* Puasa sehari pada bulan Rejab mendapat syurga tertinggi (Firdaus).

* Puasa dua hari dilipatgandakan pahalanya.

* Puasa tiga hari pada bulan Rejab dijadikan parit yang panjang, yang menghalangkan dia keneraka (panjangnya setahun perjalanan).

* Puasa empat hari pada bulan Rejab diafiatkan daripada bala dan daripada penyakit yang besar-besar dan daripada fitnah Dajal di hari kiamat.

* Puasa lima hari pada bulan Rejab, aman daripada azab kubur.

* Puasa enam hari pada bulan Rejab, keluar kubur bercahaya muka.

* Puasa tujuh hari pada bulan Rejab, ditutup daripada tujuh pintu neraka.

* Puasa lapan hari pada bulan Rejab, dibuka baginya lapan pintu syurga.

* Puasa sembilan hari pada bulan Rejab keluar dari kuburnya lalu, MENGUCAP DUA KALIMAH SHAHADAH tidak ditolak dia masuk syurga.

* Puasa 10 hari pada bulan Rejab Allah jadikan baginya hamparan perhentian di Titi Sirotolmustaqim pada tiap-tiap satu batu di hari kiamat.

* Puasa 16 belas hari pada bulan Rejab akan dapat melihat wajah Allah di dalam syurga dan orang yang pertama menziarahi Allah di dalam syurga.

* Puasa 19 belas hari pada bulan Rejab, dibina baginya sebuah mahligai di hadapan mahligai Nabi Allah Ibrahim a.s dan Nabi Allah Adam a.s.

* Puasa 20 hari pada bulan Rejab, diampunkan segala dosanya yang telah lalu. Maka mulailah beramal barang yang tinggi daripada umurnya (pembaharuan umur). Berkata Saidina Ali:

* Puasa Rejab 13 hari seperti puasa tiga ribu tahun.
* Puasa Rejab 14 hari seperti puasa sepuluh ribu tahun.
* Puasa Rejab 15 hari seperti puasa seratus ribu tahun.

When my ‘naive’ meets ‘clumsy’

I want to share with you my embarassing moment which happened in last week. muhuuu

On the day before it happened, my boss asked me to prepare the slide presentation for their Engineering Review.

And then he said “Noor, you’re joining us for the presentation tomorrow. Did u know that?”

Me said: “Haaa? Why mee??” I was so shocked because all this while I was just an officer biasa. Going to the meeting or the review is not for our position. It’s normally for the BOSSES and the Engineers..

Until the day had come.. I felt very small in the conference room. I was surrounded by the BOS-BOS.. and the Engineering Executives, the General Manager.. and I was there – the only one with a small position. I always feel that “I don’t belong here.. ” Haish~~

The first session and second session was went well. Not until the last session where we had our teabreak.. uhuk uhuk.. break session is the most sadd0 things I’ve experienced that day. Everyone’s mingled around with their colleagues. I was there alone.. sipping tea, eating and hoping the session was quickly over. But then, something tragedic happened.

I spilled my tea!!!! The floor was wet with my tea. Uwaaaaa Adowh.. malu sungguh. Sungguh maluu.. Everyone were stop talking and looking at me for a moment. Including my Big boss. Muhuukkk.. And then I just buat muka seposen.. slow slow jalan and going upstair to the conference room.

It was so embarassing. What’s on their mind when they saw me. muhuk muhuk. I wish I was invisible. Luckily my boss didn’t say anything. Uhuuu…

That was me.. so naive and so clumsy. It just happened out of control. I hope my boss will regret and wouldn’t bring me again. ‘Giving shame’ je… ahakz. Muhuuu…

Sushi King vs Yukimi

Me: Nyaman ka Sushi King?

Si A: Nyaman eh. Best makan sia

Me: Camne mok order sia owh.. Mek sik pernah gi sia

Si B: Aih, kelaknya berik menu bah. Pilih jak sia. Mun kitak maok makan nak pusin2 ya pun boleh juak.

Me: Halal sik owh?

Si C: Halal eh. Ada org Islam makan sia. Adik ipar kamek kerja sia bah.

Me: Pa xda logo halal pun..

Si C: ………………………..

I was browsing a Sushi King Malaysia website and I found this on the menus.


Ok if it was accidentally in the menus.. but what about this?

sake sushi

Can someone please clarify it whether Sushi King is 100% HALAL?

Since I was ‘was-was’ was.. ehee.. to enter Sushi King so I decided to find another Halal Sushi shop.

I heard there was a Muslim Sushi shop located at Matang, so me and Dear-Dear headed to the shop.

The name is YUKIMI

Its just a small shop.. but looks cool

It's just a small shop.. but looks cool

I heard that the owner had been living in Japan for few years.  And when she got back in hometown, she opened a Muslim Sushi Shop. Cool!

Look closer at the clock on the wall.. ada sushi.. hehe

Look closer at the clock on the wall.. ada sushi.. hehe

The decoration is simple.. and it’s sooothing.

A beautiful corner

A beautiful corner



There’s a reading corner as well.  The idea is really interesting. While you’re waiting for your order, you can relax and reading.

Nah hambik kau. Cars versi Jepun. ahaha

Nah hambik kau. Cars versi Jepun. ahaha

Okay. Enuff on the introduction. Now let’s see whether the Sushi is really a kickout or not.

Here what we ordered:


Unagi Roll - RM6

Unagi Roll - RM6

Sushi Set 1.. macam2 ada. - RM7.++

Sushi Set 1.. macam2 ada. - RM7.++

Soba Mi.. - sik ingat harga.. sik berapa nyaman. boh order tok

Soba Mi.. - sik ingat harga.. sik berapa nyaman. boh order tok

Tempura prawn - come with Soba Mi set

Tempura prawn - come with Soba Mi set

Bento Set 2 - RM8.50

Bento Set 2 - RM8.50

This is our favourite. Bento Set 2.


Recommended! - sup ya nyaman.

Overall, I’m satisfied with Yukimi..

  • Nyaman
  • Kenyang sik kenyang bodo
  • Harga berpatutan
  • Sik was-was gik

Sekian dari aku blogger yang suka makan. ahahaa

p/s: Penyakit hati datangnya daripada makanan…

I’m a slow learner.. so what!


I feel very sad today.

I heard one of my colleague complain about me in the office.

Dia complain aku ubat kerja lambat..

At first I just ignored it.

But then, she told me ‘Lambat kitak tok’ in front of me just now.

I feel very dissapointed.

Adakah sememangnya aku ni lembab?

Mungkin sememangnya aku lembab.




Lamb chop.. uish. muhuuuu…

ngis gik

This is not the first time I heard a complain about this..

Since I’m studying.. I also heard the same complain.

I admit I’m a slow learner.. I’m a bit slow in doing things..

Aku seperti siput sedut… tersedut sedut menjalani kehidupan..

Muhuuuuu… Aku tak nak kerja..

I don’t like meeting people.

I… like.. to.. be… alone.!!!

Muhu.. mending my heart with this song..

Inside of Love – Nada Surf

Watching terrible tv
It kills all thought
Getting spacier than
An astronaut
Making out with people
I hardly know or like
I can’t believe what i do
Late at night
I wanna know what it’s like
On the inside of love
I’m standing at the gates
I see the beauty above
Only when we get to see
The aerial view
Will the patterns show
We’ll know what to do
I know the last page so well
I can’t see the first
So i just don’t start
It’s getting worse
I can’t find my way in
I try again and again
I’m on the outside of love
Always under or above
Must be a different view
To be a me with a you

Of course i’ll be alright
I just had a bad night