When my ‘naive’ meets ‘clumsy’

I want to share with you my embarassing moment which happened in last week. muhuuu

On the day before it happened, my boss asked me to prepare the slide presentation for their Engineering Review.

And then he said “Noor, you’re joining us for the presentation tomorrow. Did u know that?”

Me said: “Haaa? Why mee??” I was so shocked because all this while I was just an officer biasa. Going to the meeting or the review is not for our position. It’s normally for the BOSSES and the Engineers..

Until the day had come.. I felt very small in the conference room. I was surrounded by the BOS-BOS.. and the Engineering Executives, the General Manager.. and I was there – the only one with a small position. I always feel that “I don’t belong here.. ” Haish~~

The first session and second session was went well. Not until the last session where we had our teabreak.. uhuk uhuk.. break session is the most sadd0 things I’ve experienced that day. Everyone’s mingled around with their colleagues. I was there alone.. sipping tea, eating and hoping the session was quickly over. But then, something tragedic happened.

I spilled my tea!!!! The floor was wet with my tea. Uwaaaaa Adowh.. malu sungguh. Sungguh maluu.. Everyone were stop talking and looking at me for a moment. Including my Big boss. Muhuukkk.. And then I just buat muka seposen.. slow slow jalan and going upstair to the conference room.

It was so embarassing. What’s on their mind when they saw me. muhuk muhuk. I wish I was invisible. Luckily my boss didn’t say anything. Uhuuu…

That was me.. so naive and so clumsy. It just happened out of control. I hope my boss will regret and wouldn’t bring me again. ‘Giving shame’ je… ahakz. Muhuuu…