Tak hingin boleh jadi teringin..

I’m not a big fan of Laksa Sarawak.
Normally, when it comes to choose between Laksa Sarawak and Kolo Mee I would choose Kolo Mee.

Yesterday, I was tempted to eat Laksa Sarawak when my colleague take away the Laksa to the office. (I was fasting yesterday). The smell, man.. it was so strong and autimatically made me aimed hard to eat laksa after break the fast. wuahahahaa..

Laksa Serawak - Special (Banyak Udangss)

Laksa Serawak - Special (Banyak Udangss)

And so the story goes… I went to Mom’s Laksa at Bangunan Koperkasa that night. hehe… I ordered Special Laksa Sarawak which cost RM5.50. It’s worthy!!! Look at the shrimps.. haish~~~~

I wonder what will be my next temptation for the rest fasting month. ahahaha.

p/s: 3 days to go.. Basha!

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