Tiring brain

Ramadhan – Day 5


=IF(B4=1,”1″, IF(B4=2,”0.5″,IF( B4=3,”0″))) -> solved.

=COUNT((sum (AH4:BK4)/30)*100) -> error!

=COUNT(((AH4:BK4)+/30)*100) -> error!

sigh.. I surrender.

Wuwuwu.. I cannot solve the last formula for tomorrow’s meeting.

I am one step closer and now I’m stucked.. I guess my brain was tired..

Don’t blame me cuz I got this task on the last minute from my boss. haish~

Palak ingat nak sungkey jak time ya. ahahah…

Now it’s approaching to 1 a.m and I think I’m raising the white flag!


p/s: Selamat bersahur (Ramadhan – Day 6)

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