My Black & White Mood

I’m staring at my hazy monitor..

I’m colour blind. I can’t tell a different between white and yellow, dark blue and black, brown and green.. haish~

Why am I always had a problem with the monitor?

Since I’m colour blind for a temporary period, I had to edit my pictures with black & white mode. It’s not that I don’t prefer the B&W mode, I do like it (a lot!). I think B&W mode suits more to abstract pictures and event pictures.  But then, let’s just try a scenery pictures with B&W mode.  La la la la…

What kind of a company banned newspaper into the office???

Can you answer? Well, you don’t have to because it’s my company who made a new rules :

  1. Newspaper is a forbidden reading materials in the office!
  2. Staffs are not allowed to read or bring newspaper into the office!

Oh.. WT****.

Don’t you think it’s F.U.N.N.Y????? I bet you think it’s a joke. No. It’s bull****

The first time I joined the company, I always asked myself whether I was still in the school or in the office.  I couldn’t say more.

If the rule spread out, I bet it’s going to be “A JOKE OF A DAY” for you guys.

Pity us ho..

I need fresh air.. I need to get out from that ‘box’ asap!!

Last night I dream of being chased by a crocodile. Wakakaka.. What a weird dream. Normally I heard, a girl always dream of being chased by a snake. But my version is different.

My friend’s comment: “Ada buaya darat nak ngepung kitak ya..”

My sister’s comment: “Ya mimpi orang kejeron!”