The Present Welcome the Past.

I’ve finished reading Twenties Girl (by Sophie Kinsella)

I hope to see it turn out to be a major film.

Although Shopaholic movie was very frustrating.

But Twenties Girl will be more different than any other movie.

Glimpse of synopsis from Twenties Girl

Lara Lington has always had an overactive imagination, but suddenly that imagination seems to be in overdrive. Normal professional twenty-something young women don’t get visited by ghosts. Or do they?

When the spirit of Lara’s great-aunt Sadie–a feisty, demanding girl with firm ideas about fashion, love, and the right way to dance–mysteriously appears, she has one last request: Lara must find a missing necklace that had been in Sadie’s possession for more than seventy-five years, and Sadie cannot rest without it. Lara, on the other hand, has a number of ongoing distractions. Her best friend and business partner has run off to Goa, her start-up company is floundering, and she’s just been dumped by the “perfect” man.

Sadie, however, could care less.

In short: It’s a ghost story and.. it’s hilariously funny! I can’t help giggled in my office when reading it.  In hoping that my boss wasn’t aware of it, I covered myself with so many papers on my table.  bwahahaha!!!

During our family gathering (Aidiladha) yesterday, we looked at my late grandfather’s diary.  He jotted everything in his diary.  From the day he married my grandmother, to the day they had their first child (my mother) until the day they had their grandchildrens.

I was thinking, diary is the most valuable thing to represent people when they are gone.. But what will happen to us. One day we’ll be leaving this world. I don’t have a diary. I only have this blog. Will this blog still can be accessed in the future?


p/s:  Next drug : The Time Traveler’s Wife (Audrey Niffenegger.)!


Salam Aidiladha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all bloggers and friends..

It’s a tiring day for me.

Last night I slept for only 3 hours.. compared to my mum, she slept only for 1 hour.

Poor mum..

I think next year we have to do buffet style in our car porch.

The family is getting bigger and bigger. Muhuhu…



Thought I have many words to share..

Let’s just share some pics I took.

Theme: Greeeeny

I don’t know how to call this plant. We used to play ‘masak-masak’ before and took this plant as cucumbers. Ahaha..And then we would get scolded by my mom. Wuwuwu…


Yess. At last I managed to capture a picture like this.  People were talking about bokeh nowadays.  So, is this considered as bokeh? Or.. not bokeh enough.. muhuhu.


This bottle is kind of my other half. Haha.  I will bring it anywhere, everywhere.  Cuz I couldn’t live without plain water.

I google GREEN and found this : Green is also used to describe jealousy and envy.[1]

Green :-

  • Hijau
  • Ijo
  • Gadong
  • Midori


p/s: Boleh judge people by their favourite colours lepas nih. muhuhu

Little Nyonya

Every weekdays.

Starting on 6pm.

I’ll turn to be a couch potato!


I’ll glued my butt just to make sure I won’t miss:

The Little Nyonya – 6pm – NTV7


Please google : The Little Nyonya.

I’m so addicted to the drama.

It’s something like Memoirs of a Geisha.

The different is, the culture of Baba & Nyonya is in our country.


The sad thing is, our people couldn’t produce a drama/movie like this.  It’s a poor thing our neighbour did the movie which is based on our culture or history.  Same goes like Queens of Langkasuka.

Rather than making movie or drama focusing on Corporate life, why don’t they produce a storyline based on our history or legends.

Typical Malay drama/movie:

  • Corporate life (perkhhh)
  • Datuk, Datin, Tan Sri.. (eurghh)
  • Clubbing, Drinking, Womanizer (hishh)
  • Kalau further study mesti from UK, US, Australia. (cehh)
  • Watak perempuan bertudung boleh dikira dengan jari (hmm..)
  • Make-up tebal!!! (Nak tido pun pakai make-up??????)


Another ‘sigh’.. hmm

The slow pace of Job Hunting (aku la tu..)

Slow pace job hunter - that's me. haish..

One more job interview to go (tomorrow) and I’m going to:  OFF MODE the JOB HUNTING session!

It’s tiring!

It’s confusing.

It’s annoying.

And it is un-enjoyable.

When you had bad experienced during the interview session, it would haunts you forever.  Sometimes, it’ll kills your confident.

Wish me… whatever for tomorrow.

I have no feeling at all anymore.

Playing zombie is the best!


Mellow habisss

Ini malam.. aku mellow.

Mellow habisss.  muhuhu.

Jangan komplen bila terbaca entry aku yang mellow iniw.  ;P

Ingin melarikan diri sebentar dpd jiwa kacau. wuwuwu

menghitung hari detik demi detik
menunggu itu kan menjemukan
tapi ku sabar menanti jawabmu
jawab cintamu

jangan kau beri harapan padaku
seperti ingin tapi tak ingin
yang aku minta tulus hatimu
bukan pura-pura

reff: jangan pergi dari cintaku
biar saja tetap denganku
biar semua tahu adanya
dirimu memang punyaku

jangan kau beri harapan padaku
seperti ingin tapi tak ingin
yg aku minta tulus hatimu
bukan pura-pura

repeat reff

belum pernah aku jatuh cinta
sekeras ini seperti padamu

jangan sebut aku lelaki
bila tak bisa dapatkan engkau
jangan sebut aku lelaki


p/s: But.. aku bukan lelaki pun. ahaha…

Shocked & Relieved

My reaction this morning.. gih gih gih

Gila SUSAH interview pagi tadi.

There were three sessions :

  1. Case Study (mcm exam bertulis)
  2. Structured Interview (normal interview)
  3. In-tray Interview (presentation and Q & A based on the case study)

Now I know how hard to get the Gred 41 in government sectors. Haish.

All the while I’m doing the 3 sessions, I always remembering my boss advice.

I’m so thankful to him because he had taught me so many things especially on the problem solving, doing mind mapping, giving the opportunity to mingle around with the senior officers (in higher positions), doing public speaking..

Like my sister said: “You’ve got nothing to lose”

If I don’t get the job, I still gained the valuable experience.

But sometimes I always thought :

What actually my major talent?

What specialty do I have actually?




p/s: I feel relieved it’s over.. but I’m still shaking. ahaha

Jula & Juli (my new pets)

Just using my hp camera. It' was hard to capture them. Wuwu..

Yesterday Dear-Dear gave two Baby Molly(s).

Weee (melompat bintang!) Ahahaha

So I named them Jula (the orange Molly) and Juli (the black Molly).

Can’t wait to see Jula & Juli growing up!

Speaking of Koi.. I remember one song from Tokyo Jihen – Koi Wa Maboroshi. No… It is not about the Koi Fish. Ahaha… Thanks to Didi for introducing this band to me.

p/s: Get it up for LOVE!