The Devil Speaking.. (/Y\)

Lawek lawek lawek!!

Wuahaha. Lawek is a name given to the ‘woman’ in my office.

That woman la.. no need extra explanation. huh!

Yesterday I was told to clear the old reports in the storeroom and arranged it into the bookshelf.  Then Lawek complained this and that, why asked me to do that instead of her. She said she’d been working longer than me. I’m still new bla bla bla.. She said I wouldn’t know how to arrange the report according to monthly.  hadoiiii… nak susun report pun perlu ada working experience ka?? All she did just complained to other staff but didn’t approached me face to face. Apa mcm ya. Eksen jak. berani. huh!!

Today me & my colleagues quite panas hati la with Lawek. So we decided to play games to kill the boredom as well. We replace the word : LAWEK into any movie/drama/show title. The result was so funny la. I cannot help myself laughing out loud. ahahaha.

  1. Waris Jari Lawek
  2. Lawek Harum Sundal Malam
  3. Lawek Di Sini
  4. Akademi Lawek
  5. Nur Lawek
  6. Lawek‘s Anatomy
  7. CSI Lawek
  8. Jangan Tidur Lawek
  9. GengLawekz (Gengstarsz)
  10. Tangkap Lawek