Aku ada perasaan tidak puas hati towards my office.

I know, you may say.. this person always complaining about her office in her blog. Ahahhaa…

But when it comes to this matter, i really (1000x) can’t help it.


The first time I came to the office, I was wondering where was the surau or a special room to pray. And then, one of the staff said they didn’t provide such one.  Pandai-pandai sendiri la kalau nak sembahyang.

Few months ago, me and my friend discovered a place suitable for praying.. Which is, our storeroom. How pity.. But I’m relieved, at least we still can pray.

But yesterday, my office placed the 16 trainees into the storeroom. And now, we don’t have any place to pray. I feel very uncomfortable to skip solat.

This is another thing I’m not proud being Sarawakian.  Most of the place in Sarawak didn’t provide a surau. And if they did, the place is not as what we would like to see.  I remembered during my studying year, I took my room mates from West Malaysia went to jalan2 pusing Kuching.  When it comes to praying time, we headed to a small surau in one of the shopping complex. How pity to look at the messy surau without any divider for men & women. I feel ashamed to my friends.

Back to my office, I don’t know what to do and what to say.. My sins, for skipping solat.. who’s going to be responsible for that. Ya Allah, kau berikanlah petunjuk kepada hamba-Mu ini dalam berjihad ke jalan-Mu.. Amin ya Rabbal Alamin…

7 thoughts on “Solat

  1. Hve u talk to the boss?
    Try considering to solat in a box. Oh crap. Sorry. Cant help :/

    this person always complaining about her office in her blog.

    this is what blogs are for. hahahaa 😀

    • It’s difficult to disscuss when your boss is a non-muslim.
      All the Board of Management members are non-muslims.
      Wait till I get the high position. ahakz..
      Pity huh!

      Yeap.. blogging is my therapy.

  2. kmk pun sekda… neway i was lucky ada sikit space n divider between my place n the other staff… so kmk beli kain 2m utk tutup sebahagian kecik… jd kmk plah mini jak d tepi meja mek ya 🙂 , hmm about ur pic.. sungguh mengingatkan kmk tentang a place where my first date few years ago… gembira da juak,sedeh pun da juak… (-_-)

    • Sedeh bah Liza.
      Dosa kita yang tanggung.
      Biak trainee bukannya kejap. 2 3 bulan. wuwuwuwu…

      Ahakz. Org kuching mesti tauk tempat dlm gambar ya.
      Best owh tempat ya. tp jgn pegi ari malam.
      Bahaya. ahahaha

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