KL 18-21.12.09

Air Asia. Now everyone can 'wait' (for a delay flight!!)


What I missed most when I was away in KL was my Nikon baby. Wuwuwu.. I left it so that I can concentrate with my shopping mission (konon). Muhuhu.

Back then, I feel a big regret when I saw beautiful clouds view from the aeroplane’s window.  I could only sighed.

Our flight was 1 hour plus delayed (as usual).  We were welcomed by the heavy rain in KL with extra bonus : Wet luggage! My clothes were all wet and damp. Pity pity pity me wuwuwu.. Thanks to the superb unloading service. Perkh!

3 days in KL were never enough la. My shopping trip wasn’t really accomplished.  Told you – my mind are still shopping. ahaha. But it was enough to make my ankles turnout like a penguin feet. bwahaha. I could only sightseeing from inside the car.. wuwuwu.

Thought of going to KL again. June 2010 perhaps. But I have another plan.. KK trip for June 2010. Ayoyo..I can’t  decide.But this time, I’ll make sure bringing along my baby.  It’s going to be a photoshoot trip. hehe.

Yaya is on board..

Bukti. wakaka

It's the first time I saw people sell Rangka Ayam Goreng. Sekda di Kuching eh.

My loyal companion, my personal nurse, my banker, my shopping consultant. My beloved cuzzie!!

Killing times while waiting for a delayed flight..

p/s:  Nak gi Bandung also 2010. =p

6 thoughts on “KL 18-21.12.09

  1. hmm ya la ho… shopping mode susah nak stop… ahaha especially mun dah time sale n harga nya memang giler babas murah… ahaha rambang mata woo… cuma bila dah time nak packing… susah nak madah… ish3 (-_-)

  2. aok, best pegi KL during Year End Sale. honestly, kmk pun gk rasa nak shopping…haha..sik cukup pegi last week. Angol makei Air Asia owh, yalah, ticket murah masa festive season. Pakei MAS Juera, book awal. Kmk pun plan nak pegi KL gk next year, tapi pegi year end ya nang semestinya confirm..haha.

    Bulan March 2010 tok, kmk pegi Jakarta & Bandung, dengan kawan.

    • Bandung? Uish.. tempat idaman mek nak honeymoon sia eh. wuwuwuwu..
      Sekpa. Ktk gi lok, kelak pat ktk citqa2 ngn kmk sine best. And berapa budget..
      Kmk nak kumpul duit gi Bandung. hehe.

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