The Dialogues

Huhu hihi haha

What do you do to kill the times and boredom in the office?

I bet you’ll say : Surfing the net, Reading newspaper, ‘Snaaaking’

What if I say that all of the above options are illegal.

Joking? No! Those are the rules in my office. Just put the word NO in the front.

So what we did to kill the boredom instead.. we just chat in our office baseline message.

Yesterday teramaaatla boring..  so we invite one of our colleague “C” (she’s chinese, and she is a very ‘lurus’ person). Can you bet how was our conversation. Hilarious!!!

[There’s a way we made our chatline fun. We speak BM baku. ahahaha. Plus, C really speaks bahasa buku. hehe]

The first line she entered : “Wah inilah pertama kali saya guna baseline chat. Seronokla dapat sembang-sembang dengan kawan-kawan. Tidak mengantuk lagi lepas lunch”

Dialogue 1:

S : Macam mana nak translate “Musim Banjir”?

C : Sekarang memang musim hujan. Kalau dalam English ‘Monsoon Season’ kalau dalam Bm ‘Musim Ketujuh

Me: Musim Tengkujuh la.. bukan Musim Ketujuh.


Dialogue 2:

Me : Kalau tiba-tiba J cakap dia suka sama kamu, mcm mana C?

C : Tidak mungkin. Sebab mungkin J sudah ada peminat tersembunyi dalam office ni.

Me : Peminat tersembunyi? Kamu ni terpengaruh dengan game cari barang tersembunyi lah. Wuahahhaa.

C : Tidak. Saya cuma main game yang tidak tersembunyi. Mcm yg selalu saya main masa lunchbreak.

We all : (Hadowh….. )

Dialogue 3:

We were talking about interest in watching movies. And then suddenly Boy interrupt us by using C’s pc and type this..

C (Boy) : R, kamu suka tengok BF?

Me & S : Wakakakkaka!!

R : Boy ya nak? Lari ko nun!!!

Me : C, kamu tahu ka BF itu apa?

C : BF adalah boyfriend.

We all : Bwahahhahahahahhahaha!!

Dialogue 4:

S : Kamu tahu kah Sulaiman (CM’s son) sudah tidak jadi menteri lagi?

C : …………………………

R : Kamu tahu ka siapa Sulaiman?

C : Oh. Sulaiman depan bilik tu?

Me : Wahahhaa. Sulaiman mana kamu cakap ni C? (There’s no Sulaiman in our office)


p/s: OMG! We are such a devil ho.. >;p

Girl Talk

Girls & Women..

Every year the resolution is always the same : Losing Weight

Tak berjaya tahun ni,  bawak pulak ke tahun hadapan..

Tak berjaya tahun depan, tak turun-turun la berat badan tuh. muhuhu

That’s why I hate making resolution. It’s always the same.

Lame~ (me la.. not you. ahaha)

How time flies.  The BIG DAY is getting closer and closer (Macam lagu Travis – Closer).

I MUST PAMPER MYSELF. It’s hard, cuz I’m not the type of person who likes to do pampering (going to spa, facial, gym.. zzzZZZZz)

But at least.. I must do the followings:

  1. Get rid of the flabby tummy (I told you, this one is keep repeating on on and on in my list..)
  2. Sleep early (before 12 midnight)
  3. Apply mask once a week (my aunt’s advice)
  4. Get enough rest.

“I got no money in my pocket
Nobody to rock with but you
But you know me I don’t seem to roll
Somehow we managed to get through”

[Rocket – Yuna]

Between resolution & wishlist

I think…

I got a feeling….

Emm… aku ada perasaan…

I think I want to get another baby which is… Sang Canon!!


Boleh sik?

So.. can I just highlight it as my 2010 resolution? Perhaps, my birthday wishlist? ahahahha.

Power roots. ahaha

** Picture was taken at Pantai Puteri, Santubong using Sang Samsung.

p/s: Greedy as always… ngih ngih ngih

Rain rain go away~

I remember when I was a little girl, my mom used to sing me this song when it was raining.

“Rain rain go away.. come again some other day.. Azura wants to go outside and play..”

Sometimes I like it when it’s raining.

But somehow I dislike it.

It will affect my health, my mood..

Some people make it as an inspiration especially in making song and in photography. Agree??

So do you like raining?

Rain drops..

p/s: Hujan hujan.. pergi jauh jauh. Aku nak gi outing! ahaha

I’m on the mend.. ='{

I just don’t understand.

One of my friend seems like to keep a distance from me.

I sms her yesterday, and she replied it reluctantly.

I don’t get it.

What went wrong? What did I do?

We were not very closed, we seldom talks, we even rarely met.

I added her in fb, she didn’t approve it although I know she was online.

It’s OK.. I can mend myself.

And if I made mistake, I’M SORRY…

Hello – The Seahorses

I know the wind and the rain and the lightning
And the thunder’s filled my brain
Have I change? I’m asking you

All I know is the sun and it’s shining
Way above my cloud so high it can’t be found
We all look around

For the times we left behind
Oh well, never mind, I’ll take you there tomorrow
And I’m sorry if I seem to always vent my spleen
It’s not the path I choose to follow…
So hello

And I hope you’re still my friend,
I think I’m on the mend
And you know I don’t mean to offend
I wish we all could fly

All I know is the sun and it’s shining
Way above my cloud
So high…It can’t be found

p/s: Have I changed? I’m asking you…


Bokeh in my own definition:

  1. Find any area with the lamp post, street light, neon light, lampu raya..
  2. Take out the glasses (I’m short-sighted)
  3. Na~~ I see Beautiful BOKEH.
  4. Hik hik hik..

“You’ve always been a thorn in their side
But to me you’re a shining light
You arrive and the night is alive
Yeah, you are a shining light
Yeah, you light up my life

We made our connection
A full on chemical reaction
Brought by dark divine intervention
Yeah, you are a shining light”

[Ash – Shining Light]

p/s: Miss my baby doh!

Perasaan Ketam..

Baruk aku sedar, every month aku mesti sakit.

Apala antibody aku tok lemah gilak lately ho..

Hangol hangol…

My major problems now are gastric + migraine.

Once a month I must suffered these pain.. why oh why…

Any tips.. How to level up my antibody?


Jamie ku bermalas-malasan..

p/s: Aku ada berperasaan ketam nak tukar kerja laa… Boring kerja office. wuwuwu

My baby is not a human

I miss my baby.(nikon)

I miss holding my baby. (nikon)

Alahai rindunya nak outing.snapping.yawning.. eh. mwahaha

Normally, every weekend me & Dear-Dear (bukan nikon) will set a place and ready to shoot.

But we had to hold it temporarily.. not until we settle everything.  [big GRINS]

Mom's plant

Rajah di atas & bawah adalah gambar yang telah diambil semasa saya boring dan berasa malas.  Saya menuju ke Mom’s backyard dan terus menge’shoot’. ahaha

Semut semut sekalian..

“Blow, blow me out, I am so sad, I don’t know why” [Blur – Country House]


The FEVER challenged me.

I fight it back.

In the end, I lost!



Adam started his Day 1 in  nursery today.  Poor little Adam.

‘Ngah Syuwa’ hopes Adam will adapt the new environment easily.

Much love from me. xoxoxoxoxo!!!