Rain rain go away~

I remember when I was a little girl, my mom used to sing me this song when it was raining.

“Rain rain go away.. come again some other day.. Azura wants to go outside and play..”

Sometimes I like it when it’s raining.

But somehow I dislike it.

It will affect my health, my mood..

Some people make it as an inspiration especially in making song and in photography. Agree??

So do you like raining?

Rain drops..

p/s: Hujan hujan.. pergi jauh jauh. Aku nak gi outing! ahaha

2 thoughts on “Rain rain go away~

  1. sometimes i do like rain… but sometimes i feel horrible… sometimes it made me sad… some inspiration… 🙂 neway rain adalah nikmat yg Allah turunkan utk manusia… n bersyukur… 🙂

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