The drug frustrated me.

I had abandoned Susie Salmon for two weeks.

Two weeks…. means either I couldn’t catch up the story or I’m getting BORED.

That’s it. I’m getting BORED…

(Talking about The Lovely Bones – Alice Sebold)

Or I spoil it by watching the movie first.

I broke my own promise. haha.

I don’t like the ending.

In the book, the story goes on and on… until her sister is married, her mother having affair with the policeman and then runaway, her brother had to grow up without her mother’s love…. these plot were not included in the movie.  Which I found a must to include cuz the movie was slightly jumping here and there. huhu..

The ‘drug’ frustrated me.

p/s: Can’t wait for Sophie Kinsella new book!

5 thoughts on “The drug frustrated me.

  1. owh..citer nih. mcm best plk..hehe. so which one book first then watch movie or sebaliknya.

    >>nak kasi komen kuar berbelas2 kali pon takpa..hehe.

  2. Hi 🙂

    u frustrated me, as well. hahha. bcos I also have put the book aside for about 2/3 weeks. and your brief description about the book, makes me wanna put the book aside like forever.

    HAHAHA ~


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