Happy Teachers Day

It’s Teachers Day.

Happy Teachers Day to my former teachers!

Being a teacher is hard.  That’s why I preferred not be a teacher.

I come from a teachers family.

My brother and my sister are also a teacher.

Don’t forget, my father used to be a teacher.

Plus my aunts, uncles and cousins were teachers.

I used to be a lab demonstrator, does it count as a teacher? hehehe

I’d attended few job interviews to become a teacher/lecturer, and I failed.

I guess I have no talent in that field. hohoho…

Never mind though, at least one of us is not a teacher.

My favourite teachers were always ustaz & ustazah.

In form 4 & 5, my favourite teacher was my Add Maths teacher.

My most hated teachers were my form 3 English teacher & my Chemistry teacher.

Kah kah kah… I bet all of you had the awards for each of the categories.

Okay then, my unforgettable teacher which we always mocked him during his classes was our KH teacher. Those who were my classmates knew this teacher. hehehe. Now I felt guilty for our own behaviours… Sorry cikgu…

Hey teachers, I have some homework for you to check.

This artwork was from my beloved cutie pie Yaya Chan. muhuhu

And this artwork was from my sister’s student.  She drew it on the exam paper…..

Very creative. =P  hahaha

p/s: Haish… can you count the word teacher from my statements. hahahaha…

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