May drug

The only way I can kill the boredom in the office while pretending that I’m a hardworking staff is by reading the e-book. Nguahahahahhaha…

Well well… this is one of the tips how to glued your butt on the office chair. ahakz.And “How to impress you boss with a ‘Look Boss, I’m working hard!’ face”

It’s my May drug. I don’t have enough money to buy a new drug, instead I read my e-book collections.

I’ve downloaded the e-book a few months ago. Thought the story was a bit slow so I abandoned it.

Now I’m back and reading it.

Guess what, I’m on page 122 now. ahahaha…

Again, it is now a major film. Watch the trailer (I haven’t watch the movie. Don’t wanna spoil the mood. hehe)