May drug

The only way I can kill the boredom in the office while pretending that I’m a hardworking staff is by reading the e-book. Nguahahahahhaha…

Well well… this is one of the tips how to glued your butt on the office chair. ahakz.And “How to impress you boss with a ‘Look Boss, I’m working hard!’ face”

It’s my May drug. I don’t have enough money to buy a new drug, instead I read my e-book collections.

I’ve downloaded the e-book a few months ago. Thought the story was a bit slow so I abandoned it.

Now I’m back and reading it.

Guess what, I’m on page 122 now. ahahaha…

Again, it is now a major film. Watch the trailer (I haven’t watch the movie. Don’t wanna spoil the mood. hehe)

7 thoughts on “May drug

  1. Rajin membaca ek.. tp dat is good idea sis. bos takkan tau punya… better hang around kacau org.. hehhe

  2. ohh hoLLaa… mood skrg..ntah tak tau nak ckp.. ehehe LAteLy pnat keje sgt n maLas untuk berfotografi or mengedit foto2… LateLy kat BLog nak try ber engLish Language.. even my engLish sgt2 kurang pandai…. ohh buku ini tidak dibaca Lagi..ehehe… frust ke ngan LoveLy bones..tu La sape suh tgk movie dia,,eheheh movie yg skadar movie.. dah jadi cLiche..hmm thanks droppiing by kat bLog sana sini sani okes…

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