Family Birthdays

While watching my favourite team lost to Paraguay, I’m posting the Family Birthdays photos.

Wuwu… “Heartbreak for Japan, tears allround – Paraguay is going on to the last eight of the World Cup” (Martin Rogers, Y! Sports)

Now I’m hoping for Espana!


June is a busy month for me. Every weekends were full with activities.

My weekdays busied with works.

I’m longing the lazy days………………….

The family gathering was held at Pondok Laguna.  Remember I’ve post on the restaurant last year.

The foods are still good.

Birthday bosses! hehe.

Kumpulan Merah - Pengantin Baru

Kumpulan Biru - Keluarga Singer. hehe

Kumpulan Kuning - The Bachelors & Bachelorette (tul ke eja?)

Lucky draw

Yaya dah kenyang?

Ini muka jurugambar padah malam itu.

Kalau berkunjung di Pondok Laguna, tidak sah kalau tak duduk kat pelamin istana. hehe

Mengimbau kenangan 36 tahun lalu....

Pengantin baru... darah manis

Pengantin porets. hahahaha



Zendagi Migzara

Before this, I only had a quick glanced at the book.

Since the book was voted to be read in my previous entry, so I forced myself to read it.

Never thought it turned out to be my favourite now.

It was truly a ‘drug’ for me. It completes me.

From a happy to sad, funny, adventurous… All in one.

By reading the book, it opened my mind..

I am grateful that I was born in a country where we are still practicing our religion – Islam.

Never wait until tomorrow to ask for forgiveness… Tomorrow might be too late. And if we have the chance, it won’t be the same.

People told me, the movie was awesome.

I’m going to find it and I MUST watch it. Oyeah~

One of my favourite quote from the book : ZENDAGI MIGZARA! (Life goes on!)


My house is back to normal – silent mode.

My brother & his wife had went back to Sibu.

My sweetie cuzzie had went back to KL.

After spending many joyful hours with her, of course I’m missing her. hehe.

Picture taken at Pondok Laguna during our family gathering last week.

p/s: Next June drug – Cinta Sufi (Ramlee Awang Murshid)

Reason Balik Kampung

Hey- yo!!

I just came back from my hometown – Sibu.

My previous weekend was packed!

6 hours Kch – Sibu.  1 hour Sibu – Bintangor. 1 hour Bintangor – Sibu.

8 hours killing the moments in Sibu town.. ahahaha.

6 hours back to Kuching.

Phew~ I’m having backache now…

But still, 3 days was never enough for me.. wuwu.

Nah. a teaser for you. =)

This is the reason why we balik kampung… wehehehe..

Congratulations to my eldest brother Alli Shadikin and her beloved wife Kasma.

Welcome to the club. muhahaha!!

p/s: Will upload more photos later… ‘Erm, later later la.’ ahahaha

Birthday+June Drug+Buku Junkie

Yesterday was my mom‘s birthday.

Actually, my mom and dad sharing the same birthday month. Soon, we will celebrate it for my dad on 20th June.  Indeed, it’s a family birthday month.  My grandmother and my nephew (Adam) also have their birthday on June.

Tak cukup lagi tu.. On the 4th June, there were 3 peoples I know who are celebrating the same birthday.  They were my MOM, my cousin – Naim and my ex-colleague – Kak Pidah.

Happy Birthday to all!


I’m reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseine at the moment.

Thanks for the suggestion!  I’m beginning to love the story.

Can’t wait to finish my June Drug. Yihaa!


Buku Junkie updated!!!!