Teh Tarik Peng




Sungguh banyak dugaan bulan ni, since June.

Life is a game. You either win or lose. It’s fair enough.

This is Teh Tarik Peng = Teh Tarik Ais

Only in Sarawak, the word ‘peng’ usually used for cold water.

  • Teh C Peng
  • Kopi O Peng
  • Teh O Peng

So don’t try to order Teh Tarik Peng in West Malaysia. hehe.


Just finished reading Cinta Sufi (Ramlee Awang Murshid). It’s not a slow drug.  I’m just having a limited time for myself.

p/s: Craving for Teh Tarik Peng… uwaaa…

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