Bulan yang kempis

Can u guess what it is?

Nyeh nyeh nyeh….

This month I’m very broke.

Semua kena tahan.

No July drug, no Big Apple Donuts, no Cinema, no shopping, no Ayam Goreng Mcd.. muhuuu…

Hp rosak, ganti new lense, OT sampai malam, coughing, flu, bad hair day in the office.. Haish..

Dugaan. Dugaan.

I cannot wait to run my own home based business.Β  The question is ‘when?’


The answer to the first question :

** Lagu motivasi padah hari inir.

4 thoughts on “Bulan yang kempis

  1. yup maybe bulan tok kempis n byk dugaan.. next month maybe improve a bit… n the next2 month better… πŸ™‚ yg penting.. semangat mesti ada… disamping org tersayang ada support… ehehe

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