Bye bye old specky..

bye bye old specky

No wonder I always had a migraine attack.

Last week I went to see the optometrist and examined my eyes.

My left eye degree had increased! Both my eyes degrees were imbalanced.

So I changed the lenses with the only money left in my wallet.

Sacrifice! For the sake of my beautiful eyes. muahahaha.

This specky has made me so mellow~~

Bye bye old specky. I had so much memories with you.

Moral of the stories (Causes of my increased degrees):

  1. Don’t read in the dark.
  2. Don’t push your eyes too much watching bright computer screen.
  3. Don’t try sneaking out reading e-book with a mini pop up windows in the office. (wuahahahaha!)

This specky has made me so geeky!

p/s: No more stylish specky… wuwuwu

12 thoughts on “Bye bye old specky..

  1. ni power dah berapa sis… luckly my eyes dah stable bila power samapai 2700, cuma silau ja tak mo stable huhuhu

    • Ya spec lamak mek Za. Kmk ada duak igek spec.
      Kmk just tambah degree sigek spec jak. so spec lamak tok jd kenangan jak. huhu.
      Camne leh hilang? hehe

  2. ehehe ilang d beijing… 😐 atas kecuaian sendiri… ukan takat spec, lens, speedlite, hp baru, cash, wallet, beg cemre, nasib la passport n cemre sik ilang… (-_-“)

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