Day 19 – A picture of your favorite musical instrument(s)

Day 19 – A picture of your favorite musical instrument(s)

  • A guitar. I don’t know how to play guitar, but I do like the rhythm of guitar.  A confession : I used to dream I had a boyfriend who could play a guitar.  Muahahaha. Just imagine, when I’m sad he would sing a song with his guitar… Ooh…. Droooling… and the dreaming goes on and on and onnn……


Imagine Jo Depp soothes me with his guitar when I’m down…. I will be head over heels… isk isk isk


Imagine Jensen Ackles giving me surprise with his guitar… I will faint.  Muahaha

❤ ❤

Imagine Jang Geun Suk tickles me with his guitar…. I will giggles. hahahha.




Day 16 – A picture of your dream cell phone

Day 16 – A picture of your dream cell phone

  • Nah.. Samsung Omnia II. Ngih ngih ngih.. I love Samsung okay.


I have a dream camera as well..

It had been added to my wishlist (for the next year birthday lah. hahaha. DearDear, please take note! hehe)

This is my dream camera. Instax Mini 7.

It’s so cute and polaroid! Since I’m a kid,  I really want a polaroid camera. It looks cool when we take a picture, and the picture comes out instantly.

I want to have that ‘cool‘ feeling. hahaha.

I spotted Instax Mini 7 in the You’re Beautiful drama. Oh it so coooooooooooool…..

‘Tae Kyung & Go Mi Nam’ in You’re Beautiful drama holding the camera. ^^V

Park Shin Hye (Go Mi Nam) modelling the camera

‘Shin Woo & Jeremy’  using the camera in You’re Beautifu drama..

This is temptation!!!

I really want it like I WANT IT.

Kat Kuching tak jumpa lagi nih… huu…

Day 14 – A picture of your favorite teacher(s)

Yana - Jijul - Mr. Rahman - Emie - Me - Myel

Day 14 – A picture of your favorite teacher(s)

  • Okay. Most favourite teacher.. a lecturer indeed. The award goes to our Artificial Intelligence lecturer as well as my supervisor for the Final Year Project – Sensei Rahman. His favourite word : Ecececeh.. Lecturer aku yang selalu tersasul cakap Bahasa Sarawak and Bahasa Jepun kat dalam kelas. Aiseh.. muhuhuhu.