Day 14 — A non-fictional book…

Day 14 — A non-fictional book

I don’t really read non-fiction book.. It will boring me. Ding dong! hahaha.. While browsing through my book shelf, I found this book. ‘Persembahan Hebat Dengan Power Point’ by Syahrul Nizam Junaini.

Tengok… ada sign autograph lagi… hehehe. ‘Semoga menjadi personaliti yang hebat‘ muhuhu… I haven’t reach the level yet.. maybe one day. who knows..

Are you still wondering who is this author?

Hah.. familiar? The first book I mentioned before was his first debut. I guess the second book had a lot more followers.  In fact, it had been promo in the Malaysia Hari Ini program.  Yet. I still haven’t read this book. hehe.. I only browsed it in Popular Bookstore. 5 stars for the contents. It’s a  must have non-fiction book!!


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