Day 15 – A fanfic

Day 15 – A fanfic

Oh no… This is tough! I don’t know how to create a fanfic. Yet I don’t want to surrender. Not yet. muhuhu.

Original story : School Rumble

I really really want this manga/anime to be a real movie…

If only it’s going to be a real movie, I already have some favourite actor/actress for the main characters…

First, the female lead character – TENMA CHAN

Tenma Chan

Let’s replace her with Jung So Min (my favourite ~).  I kinda like her after watching Playful Kiss. Her character (Oh Ha Ni) really suits for Tenma Chan.  She’s cute and funny…. Loveable!

And for the lead male character… – HARIMA KUN

Harima Kun

I want Lee Hong Ki to get the role. Muhehehe. I enjoyed watching him played the role ‘Jeremy’ in You’re Beautiful.  Why don’t seeing him to be a little bit gangster like Harima. But turn mellow when seeing Tenma Chan.  Sweet!!

Okay.. now for Harima Kun’s rival – KARASUMA KUN

Karasuma Kun

Kih kih kih.. let’s replace Jang Geun Suk for the second lead character.  After all, he is suits to play Karasuma’s role.  A little bit blur.. He was Tenma’s love at the first sight… Moochy moochy. ^^V

Don’t forget there’s another second female lead.. Tenma’s sister- YAKUMO CHAN

Yakumo Chan

I think Yoon Eun Hye can take the role.. She’s cute and innocent like Yakumo Chan.. Yakumo likes Harima Kun without anyone knows it.. Lovely!


I wish wish wishhhhhhh to see this movie in future.. hahaha..

For the time being, let’s treasure it as my fanfic.


p/s: I know, I’m out of the question already. wahahaa…. Ikut tips time exam sekolah dolu-dolu . Goreng je!!


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