Day 29 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Day 29 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days


Whatever I dreams will become reality.



I’m a person who live in her dream.  I will dream on the sweetest thing, I will go as far as I can… I will do whatever I can’t do in reality. Because it’s my dream. No one can interfere.



I will try my best to put an extra effort to catch my dreams. Yosh!

Day 27 — This month, in great detail

Day 27 — This month, in great detail


This month was full of surprises.

Attended Company’s Annual Dinner and won two lucky draws!

Had fever after that and took sick leaves.

Received payment from my extra income.. Alhamdulillah.

Watching Drama Queens fighting in the office (today).

This month also taught me how to believe in Qada’ & Qadar.

“to  pursue something, we lost something”

Hoping a better day tomorrow. =)

Day 24 — Whatever tickles your fancy

Day 24 — Whatever tickles your fancy


They’re cute!

Hah! My latest addiction.  Tetiap hari aku kena

  • Tukar baju dia (dpt 25 ribbons)
  • ‘Suteki’ kekawan dalam pupe nih.
  • Kumpul kulit cengkerang, kulit siput sampai dapat 5 keping. lepas tu leh tukar dengan baju/kasut/skirt/aksesori.. hahaha
  • Komen item-item yang di post, lepas tu dapat 5 ribbons. ehex…
  • Kalau boleh complete tukar baju tetiap hari dlm sebulan, dpt extra 200 ribbons.
  • Ribbons tu nanti leh guna beli baju baru. o yeah!

Bila-bila aku rajin, aku ambik gmbr brg2 dlm umah ni dan post. Dpt tebus dgn baju, kasut bla bla bla.. pastu dpt extra Ribbons..

Look at my first suteki ranking… Kerokerokeroppi’s bag. hik hik hik…

Come la join me!!!

Day 22 — A website

Day 22 — A website

My blog :

I share all my junks, my tears, my happiness, my sickness in this blog.. Blogging is my therapy…


On 10th Jan, my company had an annual dinner held in Hilton Hotel Kuching.

KT Birthday Cake 2011

Door Gift

My Lucky Draw Ticket

This is my very lucky number – 050. I have won a blender (which I switch with Freda to get a set of bowls), and a ticket to Mulu. Yeay~

Family Portraiture @ Hilton Hotel Kuching 2011


Comittee Member

I was one of the committee member.. after going through the preparation, and here I am updating my blog from my home.. Doc gave me two days of Sick Leave. muhuhuu.

Happy resting peeps ~.~

Day 21 — A recipe

Day 21 — A recipe

Mini Cupcake

Presenting… Mini Cupcake. I baked this during Aidilfitri last year.

The recipe was actually from Biskut Arab

250 gm tepung gandum
125 gm gula halus
125 gm minyak sapi
pewarna..merah ..kuning dan hijau

1. Gaulkan semua bahan sehingga sebati.
2. Bahagikan adunan kepada 3 warna dan masukkan warna yg berlainan saperti merah, kuning dan hijau.
3. Bentukkan adunan saperi bebola dan cantumkan 3 warna saperti dalam gambar.
4. Masukkan dalam paper-cup dan bakar dalam 180’C selama 20-25 minit.
5. Bila dah sejuk taburkan gula halus.
6. Simpan dalam balang kedap udara.

Easy right?