Day 30 — Whatever tickles your fancy

Day 30 — Whatever tickles your fancy

It’s the final day of my challenge!


1.  I fancy white stuff


2. I fancy Kimono Girl Dolly


3. I fancy Figurines from Anime/Manga

Rukia from Bleach.


4. I fancy Cute Stuff

Bought this and place the paper clips inside. XD


5. I fancy Handmade Stuff especially unique one.

My sister got me this pendant from Italy. =)


6.  I fancy Kerokerokeroppi (I can’t resist!!)

I used to wear this bag when I was in Form 5. XD


Broken Keroppi's Hairclip. wuwuwu


And even more… it’s become addictive to have a collection of the green stuff! wakakaka

A clock from Freda for my birthday last year

A mug from Dear Dear

Soft Lens Case bought it from 100 yen

Ho yeah. I’ve finish the challenge!

Happy Chinese new Year to those who celebrates!


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