Oldies song tickles me


Recently I’ve been hooked by listening to the old songs.

My favourite : Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Bangles, Elvis Priestley…

I grew up listening to their songs.

I remember, when our family took a ride in a car.. my dad always played the oldies cassettes.

From then, I started to know and learned to love oldies song.


Here, one of my favourite ‘MOON RIVER’


p/s: Love the morning dew~

Azura Chan Return


Dah bersawang sawang dah ‘laman sesawang’ nih.

Ada satu tahap, rasa cam malaaaaas je nak beronline.

Ada satu tahap, rasa cam menyampah je nak online….

Pernahkah anda rasa sindrom2 di atas?

Well, that’s what I feel for the past few weeks… (kalau months dah lama sangat dah)

“Ce citer ce citer!”

Nak citer la ni.. ahakz.

Ok, after landing on earth (I was going to the ‘honey-moon’) I terkena sindrom seperti yang telah di nyatakan tadi.

That’s why there was no update.

By the way…

During the Lazyness – Syndrome, I managed to finish reading my drugs.


Man & Boy by Tony Parsons


Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

and now.. the problem is I’m craving for moreeeeeee….