Temptation or Disturbance?

How do you feel, if you saw the picture above in front of you – everyday –  in the office?

It’s a temptation!

A motivation!

A time-killer!

I had a minor complaint from other colleagues, complaining that the calendar was a disturbance in the office.

How come? Wahahahaha!

Now take a look at the person who watched it everyday (for this month).

** Dah serupa macam Zinger Burger**

p/s (1) : Saya sudah pandai makan Spicy Chicken. Ho yeah!

p/s (2) : Saya sudah tembam. ((+_+))  muhuuuuuu….

Fresh air ~

The election is over.

No longer reading & hearing comments from the ‘political analysts’ (yang tak bergaji semua tu…)

No more ‘parliament’ in the office, home and shops.

No more watching ‘pelakon-pelakon sinetron’ in tv.

Finally I can breath the fresh air~~

Maybe I am not grown up enough to understand the political issue in this country.

And I don’t want to drag myself to understand it either.

My mission for today : Get a slice of cake (at least). Muahaha.


Previously I was craving for Justea Grape.

Mission accomplished!

Bought it during our lunch break. muahaha.

Today, I’m craving for a  Cake!

At least one slice of cake.

I can feel it melting in my mouth… muhuuuuu

Kalau hari-hari craving mcm ni susah la kan…

Indeed I’m not a big fan of cake.

But the ‘craveness’ today really really challenging my mind. muhuuuuuu

Speaking of cake, reminds me of one Japanese drama about a  Cake Bakery.

~ Antique Bakery ~

Ada Hideaki Takizawa. muhehe

If you think you can’t fight the temptation of cakes, don’t watch this drama.

Very yummilicious..


A song for me. Cake –  Never There. muahaha


Craving di tengah malam nak minum air JUSTEA ANGGUR.


Cepat2 la esok, so that I can buy justea grape. yihiii..


Lemme share one pic.

The picture was taken in KK.

I can still smell the ocean…

Wrapped up Tuesday

My skin is my enemy now.

Rashes are all over my skins.

I can’t help but scratching and scratching until it get worst. arghhhh!!



This evening I went to Kenyalang Park.

Looking for korean dvds for Edzy Cimeng.

I found Secret Garden… it made me think twice whether to buy it or not.

At last I didn’t buy it. huh…

Told you I’m running out of tidbits stock.

So I just bought the two dvds for Edzy.

I asked ‘Noh Hujan Blonde’ : Ini cd gerenti clear ka?

‘Noh Hujan Blonde’ : Bukan gerenti.. tapi WARRANTY CLEAR PUNYA.

Muahahaha…. Ok ok.. It wasn’t really Noh Hujan indeed.

Muka serupa Noh Hujan da… cuma rambut blonde. wakakaka.


Last nite I gatal tangan (rashes kan….) did the morphing picture.

I matched my picture and dear2 picture.

Just want to look how’s our future baby looks like.

Here’s the result:

Serupa?? Rambut tu… mcm mana leh jadi blonde?


I upload Dear2 picture (in case you thought I’m cheating with JGS picture. muahahaha)

p/s: Been thinking, what if I really upload JGS picture… or Johnny Depp…



Hydrangea oh hydrangea…

Sounds like hydrated. muhuhuhu.

Hydrangea is my favourite flower after Tulip.

I bought this plant since it was still a baby.

It was for my mother’s birthday last two years.

Since then, I had watched it change the colours from blue to purple to pink and yellow..

Such a beautiful flower!

Did you know you can change the colour of hydrangea?

Well, here’s the tips.

To get blue hydrangeas modify your soil’s pH between 4.5 and 5.5.
For pink to light red hydrangeas soil needs pH of 6.5 to 7.5. Add ground limestone only around the plant to make the blossoms pink.

I prefer BLUE HYDRANGEA. It’s calming me. hehe.

Because I really like the flower, I always dream to make it as my wedding bouquet.

With the help of my sister, my dreams come true!!!!

Thanks sis ❤ ❤

Coincidently, the flower is also used in the series Mary Stayed Out All Night – during the fake wedding photo session.

Sapa tiru sapa nih? wehehe!


p/s: I love flowers!!!




Tidbits for April!!!

Mary Stayed Out All Night

She had a fake husband.

At the same time, she was registered in marriage with another guy.

She has to choose either one in 100 days according to the contract!

JGS!! ❤ ❤

p/s: I want my baby eyes looks like him. Muheeeee….