Hydrangea oh hydrangea…

Sounds like hydrated. muhuhuhu.

Hydrangea is my favourite flower after Tulip.

I bought this plant since it was still a baby.

It was for my mother’s birthday last two years.

Since then, I had watched it change the colours from blue to purple to pink and yellow..

Such a beautiful flower!

Did you know you can change the colour of hydrangea?

Well, here’s the tips.

To get blue hydrangeas modify your soil’s pH between 4.5 and 5.5.
For pink to light red hydrangeas soil needs pH of 6.5 to 7.5. Add ground limestone only around the plant to make the blossoms pink.

I prefer BLUE HYDRANGEA. It’s calming me. hehe.

Because I really like the flower, I always dream to make it as my wedding bouquet.

With the help of my sister, my dreams come true!!!!

Thanks sis ❤ ❤

Coincidently, the flower is also used in the series Mary Stayed Out All Night – during the fake wedding photo session.

Sapa tiru sapa nih? wehehe!


p/s: I love flowers!!!




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