Wrapped up Tuesday

My skin is my enemy now.

Rashes are all over my skins.

I can’t help but scratching and scratching until it get worst. arghhhh!!



This evening I went to Kenyalang Park.

Looking for korean dvds for Edzy Cimeng.

I found Secret Garden… it made me think twice whether to buy it or not.

At last I didn’t buy it. huh…

Told you I’m running out of tidbits stock.

So I just bought the two dvds for Edzy.

I asked ‘Noh Hujan Blonde’ : Ini cd gerenti clear ka?

‘Noh Hujan Blonde’ : Bukan gerenti.. tapi WARRANTY CLEAR PUNYA.

Muahahaha…. Ok ok.. It wasn’t really Noh Hujan indeed.

Muka serupa Noh Hujan da… cuma rambut blonde. wakakaka.


Last nite I gatal tangan (rashes kan….) did the morphing picture.

I matched my picture and dear2 picture.

Just want to look how’s our future baby looks like.

Here’s the result:

Serupa?? Rambut tu… mcm mana leh jadi blonde?


I upload Dear2 picture (in case you thought I’m cheating with JGS picture. muahahaha)

p/s: Been thinking, what if I really upload JGS picture… or Johnny Depp…



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