Previously I was craving for Justea Grape.

Mission accomplished!

Bought it during our lunch break. muahaha.

Today, I’m craving for a  Cake!

At least one slice of cake.

I can feel it melting in my mouth… muhuuuuu

Kalau hari-hari craving mcm ni susah la kan…

Indeed I’m not a big fan of cake.

But the ‘craveness’ today really really challenging my mind. muhuuuuuu

Speaking of cake, reminds me of one Japanese drama about a  Cake Bakery.

~ Antique Bakery ~

Ada Hideaki Takizawa. muhehe

If you think you can’t fight the temptation of cakes, don’t watch this drama.

Very yummilicious..


A song for me. Cake –  Never There. muahaha


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