Wake up call

It’s 4 a.mm

I couldn’t get back to sleep after having a leg cramp.

Leg cramp is the worst for me.

I’m still a phobia if anything happens to my legs.

Cuz I have a history of an athritis…

I pray so hard at this stage the athritis wont attack me…

This week had been a hectic to me.

A straight movie date with Dear-Dear after work. (cari penyakit..)

Office hi-tea the next day (caused my leg swolen)

Working Saturday tomorrow while I’m still typing this blog at 4 a.m.

Holiday is on the way…

Each day in the office turn me as a ‘zomba’.

p/s: Went to the book fair. Next update aye~

Temporary drug

Currently I’m reading an e-book of Cecilia Ahern – If You Could See Me Now.

It’s a temporary drug before I get the new drugs from the book fair next week.


This story is about an imaginary friend. I bet all of you have an imaginary friend when we were young.

My niece and nephew also have their imaginary friends.

Even my 80+ years old grandmother also has an imaginary friend…

Reminder set!

Just a reminder for myself.

Mark the date 25 May – 5 June 2011.

There will be a Popular Book Fair at Bukit Permata Kuching.

Am not gonna miss it.

Am going to snatch at least one drug for my balik kampung trip this holiday.

Ho ho how.. balik kampunggggggggggggggggg……..

Ho ho how balik kampungggggggggggggggg….

Rindok ati!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: Buku Junkie updated!

Ngerepak + Birthday Wish

Diat benar-benar gambar di atas…

Lamak dah aku nak post gambar tergempar tok.

Sebenarnya ada cerita di sebalik gambar tok.
Pernah sik ktk org nangga payung besar pande terbalit??
Selalunya payung lipat jak pande terbalit nak.
Adalah seorang insan yang innocent ya tgh adjust payung tok di kala hujan lebat, dgn hensem nya payung ya pande terbalit di depan khalayak org rami. Lepas ya dgn muka seposen aku terus menanggung beban kemaluan insan ya tek, ku buang jak ke dlm tong sampah. malang nya tong sampah ya pun sik mampu menampung kemaluan mek duak. Siapakah insan itu????

Maafkan daku kerana telah menghummiliate-kan kamu….. wahahahahaha.

Eh apahal pande post gambar orang tok?

Sila kaitkan gambar ini dengan gambar sebelum ini. Anda pasti mendapat jawabannya.


Masih lom terlambat aku nak ucap HAPPY BIRTHDAY ngan adik bongsu aku tok ENCIK MOHD. FIRDAUS BT. HJ. MOHD NOR.

Sorry for being such a naughty sister to you.  Muahahaha!!!!

p/s: Goole translate for a translation (kalau ada. ahak)

Mode: Geram

First, take a look a the caused of my bad health condition nowadays..

Stuart Little has been caught!

This is the creature who brought some bun at the back of my cabinet, bit my mouse wire,  ate Lucy’s snack even her nail cream!

We had caught it. I know there are many of them…

This little creature had been attacked our place since the past 1 month.

We even had caught flu, coughing… fever because of the unhealthy air we’ve been breath in.

But seems nobody was care.

Until the creatures attacked the 2nd floor, then there was action taken.

Everyday I feel not productive working in this place.

The environment, the welfare… has been the worst.

I missed my old working place. Where there are no discriminization among the ‘bumis’.

No stupid rules like this office. Huh!

It seems like our boss now love to glued their butt on their chair and smiling.. laughing alone in front of their laptop.

Everytime I got a chance to sneak at their laptop.. -FACEBOOK!!!

Now who create the stupid rules no internet access, no newspaper.. no other reading material allowed in the office????

Dear victims in this office, let’s pray for a better future in front of us…

Mother’s Day Special

I remember making surprises during mother’s day or my mom’s birthday when I was a kid.

We always bought presents for her.

The best I had done was hanging the present in front of my mom’s bedroom in the middle of the nite.

Not forgetting this year, I’m repeating the tradition. Giving surprise to my mom.

A bouquet of Strawberry dip in chocolate in a refrigerator!

Can’t wait to see her expression early in the morning. hehe.

Happy Mother’s Day to all greatest mothers in the world.

Especially to my dearest mom : Hjh. Fatimah Bt. Ahmad

I love you in the morning
And in the afternoon,
I love you in the evening
And underneath the moon

Mood: Not motivated

That’s me in poupee world.

Isn’t she cute?

New hair colour, new ‘me’ 

If only I can jump into the cartoon world to escape from a problem… 


Well, sometimes I don’t understand with some people.

These kind of ‘some people’ likes to criticize on what we gave to them.

Let’s say for example, I baked a simple cake and gave to A.

A accepted it  but the then talked behind me said that the cake tastes awful.

Even worse, A commented the cake in front of me.


I think these kind of ‘some people’ are really snobbish!

And they never understand what’s the meaning of the word : SINCERITY

p/s: Esok nak breakfast Laksa Sarawak & carik baju k pengilan…. hehehe

Laksa oh Laksa

I’m sick again…

Cough and flu.

Last month I broke a record, which I didn’t fell sick.

But I have been attacked early this month.

While I’m sick, I still have big appetite to eat.

Yesterday I was craving for Laksa Sarawak (Kpg Patingan).

My Dear-Dear ‘tapau’ one for me.

This morning, we went to the place to eat the dish.

For 7 years I only heard people talked about this delicious homemade Sarawak Laksa.

Only today, I have the chance to eat at the place.

Very the sedap!!

[Sorry, tak sempat nak snap gambar]

I can say ‘Kalah Mom’s Laksa’ (another famous laksa in Kuching)

Seems like I have a weird appetite this year.

I can eat spicy food…

I’m craving for Laksa Sarawak (which I wasn’t a fan for the dish before)

What else after this?

p/s: This Saturday I’m planning to wake up early and have a breakfast at Kpg Patingan again. muhehehe.