Laksa oh Laksa

I’m sick again…

Cough and flu.

Last month I broke a record, which I didn’t fell sick.

But I have been attacked early this month.

While I’m sick, I still have big appetite to eat.

Yesterday I was craving for Laksa Sarawak (Kpg Patingan).

My Dear-Dear ‘tapau’ one for me.

This morning, we went to the place to eat the dish.

For 7 years I only heard people talked about this delicious homemade Sarawak Laksa.

Only today, I have the chance to eat at the place.

Very the sedap!!

[Sorry, tak sempat nak snap gambar]

I can say ‘Kalah Mom’s Laksa’ (another famous laksa in Kuching)

Seems like I have a weird appetite this year.

I can eat spicy food…

I’m craving for Laksa Sarawak (which I wasn’t a fan for the dish before)

What else after this?

p/s: This Saturday I’m planning to wake up early and have a breakfast at Kpg Patingan again. muhehehe.


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