Mood: Not motivated

That’s me in poupee world.

Isn’t she cute?

New hair colour, new ‘me’ 

If only I can jump into the cartoon world to escape from a problem… 


Well, sometimes I don’t understand with some people.

These kind of ‘some people’ likes to criticize on what we gave to them.

Let’s say for example, I baked a simple cake and gave to A.

A accepted it  but the then talked behind me said that the cake tastes awful.

Even worse, A commented the cake in front of me.


I think these kind of ‘some people’ are really snobbish!

And they never understand what’s the meaning of the word : SINCERITY

p/s: Esok nak breakfast Laksa Sarawak & carik baju k pengilan…. hehehe


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