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First, take a look a the caused of my bad health condition nowadays..

Stuart Little has been caught!

This is the creature who brought some bun at the back of my cabinet, bit my mouse wire,  ate Lucy’s snack even her nail cream!

We had caught it. I know there are many of them…

This little creature had been attacked our place since the past 1 month.

We even had caught flu, coughing… fever because of the unhealthy air we’ve been breath in.

But seems nobody was care.

Until the creatures attacked the 2nd floor, then there was action taken.

Everyday I feel not productive working in this place.

The environment, the welfare… has been the worst.

I missed my old working place. Where there are no discriminization among the ‘bumis’.

No stupid rules like this office. Huh!

It seems like our boss now love to glued their butt on their chair and smiling.. laughing alone in front of their laptop.

Everytime I got a chance to sneak at their laptop.. -FACEBOOK!!!

Now who create the stupid rules no internet access, no newspaper.. no other reading material allowed in the office????

Dear victims in this office, let’s pray for a better future in front of us…