Happy Birthday Bapak!

What my father doesn’t know

My father is not tall,

Nor dashingly handsome,

Not the knight in shining armour

And I doubt the suit would fit him well.

Plus, he’d look ridiculous in it,

on a horse.

My father does not sing like Tom Jones,

nor dance like Fred Astaire,

though on many occasions

when we were young and noisy

he would do his best impression

of The Beatles.

My father doesn’t own a computer.

He doesn’t even know how to turn it on,

and forever wonders how the Internet works,

what chatting is all about,

why does a Book has a Face,

or is it a BLOG, or a BLOCK?

My father knows what an APPLE is.

How hard can it be?

It’s either green or red!

Oh, he knows what WINDOWS are.

They are of many shapes and sizes.

Who am I kidding?

My father owns a handphone.

He’s not that ancient!

When the phone beeps of messages,

he does nothing,

‘cos he can’t retrieve it,

‘cos he doesn’t know how.

But my father would be worried sick,

if any of us fell sick.

My father would endure the sleepless nights,

anticipating how we’d do in the exams.

And then more sleepless nights,

pacing every square metre of the house,

when the results were due.

My father is not my friend,

he deserves better than that.

He has never failed me, nor the rest of us

He is THE Father that we have,

that no other can have.

I now understand,

why he was sometimes such a pain,

he was only being a FATHER.

** The poems was written by my sister. Here we would like to wish my Dad – Hj. Mohd. Nor Bin Putit 

Happy Birthday & Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Feels annoyed

Have you ever feels that you are annoyed to something… or someone but you couldn’t do anything.

That’s what I feel for these few days…

I really can’t help the feeling and I need to let it out.

I know it is not good for my condition now.

I just don’t know how to deal with this feeling.

Please gimme some advice…

I think I need to be tempted….. muhuhu.


The Lazy Song

Kata Bruno Mars : “Today I don’t feel like doing anything…”

Indeed I did laundry, swept the floor, feeding the cats and cooking this morning.

At least I have time to do those activities before going back to work tomorrow.

Poor my cats, semua slim2 kenak tinggal.

One of them had delivered 3 cutie babies.

Hopefully they stay longer this time.

Teringat ‘Bubu’ in Sibu. muhuhu..

I miss hugging her!!!!!!

My mom – the strongest woman!

I’m coming home.. coming home. Tell the world that I’m coming home..

Malasnya nak balik Kuching.

Rasa x puas holiday. I want to stay longer. Muhuu..

Although today is my mom’s birthday but I had to force myself to go back.

Happy Birthday mak!

Sian mak.. walopun tengah sakit kaki, masih kuat and mampu tersenyum nak ngasi orang..

Pada asalnya tek nak nimang cucu ke-3… alu bertambah tugas ngibun nenek ku.

If you put yourself in her shoes, I bet you would surrender earlier.

She’s a strong woman. Never complained…

I envy you mom!

I love you!!


Currently at Sibu.

Spending my long holiday in my hometown.

Feels good to be here.

Finally I have this outfit in Poupee.

I’ve longed to buy the froggy items. hehe.

Actually it’s hot day in Sibu.

But the rain just poured down this afternoon.