Feels annoyed

Have you ever feels that you are annoyed to something… or someone but you couldn’t do anything.

That’s what I feel for these few days…

I really can’t help the feeling and I need to let it out.

I know it is not good for my condition now.

I just don’t know how to deal with this feeling.

Please gimme some advice…

I think I need to be tempted….. muhuhu.


4 thoughts on “Feels annoyed

  1. seriously… i got annoyed with my superior..and each time i bump in front of him, before that as far as i can… like F1 i runaway… ahaha… unless sikpat dielakkan la… just avoid urself from getting near to them… 😛

    • Very applicable advice then. And I’m doing it now. Avoiding to meet them.
      Sbb kmk tok jenis sikpat napok dr aik muka.. mun kmk sik suka ngn org ya, nang nampak la… muhuhu

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