Day 25: Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs

Day 25: Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Ok.. no cheating...
  1. Take Over - Mizz Nina feat Flo Rida
  2. Inside of Love - Nada Surf
  3. You're Beautiful OST (Tak tau nak translate ahaha)
  4. Top of the World - The Cataracs feat. Dev
  5. Carnival - The Cardigans
  6. Friday Night - Lily Allen
  7. I Never Told You - Colby Caillat
  8. You Stole The Heart From My Heart - The Manic Street Preachers
  9. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
  10. Stick With You - The Pussycat Dolls

Day 20: Nicknames

Day 20: Nicknames

I had a few nicknames..

  • People in my high school called me Juera
  • My niece and nephew called me Syuwa

Back in iRC era….

  • My popular nickname is ColdplayEzra
  • Sometimes I’m using tulipcardigan
  • And also tuliplavender

In virtual reality…

  • I was known as pucukpaku
  • And now : Azura Chan

Day 19: Something you miss

Day 19: Something you miss

I missed being a little girl.

Didn’t have to think about future or money..

Back in those years…

Ramadhan hold the best memories during my childhood.

It was the best month for us back in kampung.

We would joined the Solat Terawih but didn’t complete it till the end. hehe

In the middle of the terawih, we would sneaked out from the back ‘saf’ and went to the shop nearby.

We bought ‘Kad Raya’ and started to write kad raya the solat was finished.

Do you remember the most popular ‘pantun’ that we used to write :

Pecah kaca;

Pecah gelas;

Lepas baca;

Harap balas.


Day 18: Favorite Place(s) to Eat

Day 18: Favorite Place(s) to Eat

  1. Simply Sedap (Cozy cozy cozy)
  2. McDonalds Batu 3 (I’m lovin’ it)
  3. Madam Tangs (Kalau mengidam noodles)
  4. Manhattan Fish Market (Budget besar…. and perut kosong. haha)
  5. Mi Kolok Kpg Patingan (Breakfast!)
  6. Tun Jugah Food Court (Can’t resist Butter Chicken Rice after working on Saturday)
  7. SCR Stutong (Clean, cozy place, sedeppp)
  8. KFC 101 (Paling nyaman di Kch..)
Nah… Fried Noodles with Chicken from Madam Tangs….

Day 16: Dream house

Day 16: Dream house

My dream house… I have the picture in my head but I can’t let it out..

Lama dah teringin nak ada katil bertiang camni.. Very old style, but I like it.


And then, ada mini garden where I can relax and inhale the green scenery…


Must have a reading room for me. Yes a special room, section is not enough… I also can combine it as a photo gallery room.


There will be a fish pond.  Nak bela ikan koi… ikan masin.. ahahaha


I want a cozy verandah where we can enjoy the fresh air…

Now combine all the pieces together, it’s my dream house!