Day 18: Favorite Place(s) to Eat

Day 18: Favorite Place(s) to Eat

  1. Simply Sedap (Cozy cozy cozy)
  2. McDonalds Batu 3 (I’m lovin’ it)
  3. Madam Tangs (Kalau mengidam noodles)
  4. Manhattan Fish Market (Budget besar…. and perut kosong. haha)
  5. Mi Kolok Kpg Patingan (Breakfast!)
  6. Tun Jugah Food Court (Can’t resist Butter Chicken Rice after working on Saturday)
  7. SCR Stutong (Clean, cozy place, sedeppp)
  8. KFC 101 (Paling nyaman di Kch..)
Nah… Fried Noodles with Chicken from Madam Tangs….

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