There are six options.

All options are all good.

Only one obstacle to getting one of them.


Why money has always been a barrier to get something.

Sometimes I feel jealous to see other people getting on what they what.

Just say it, tomorrow you’ll see they’ll have it.

Money is always an obstacle, when I want something.

Money money money!!!!

But sometimes I am thankful that  I may only be only tested with the lack of money.

Many more people out there who do not have money problems, but tested with other problems. Right??

p/s: Sabarlah wahai Azura….

Checked list

Even my poupee also got a new hair cut and new eyes... hihik

Got my new haircut.

Surprisingly, the owner of the salon still remember me.

Even though it’s been awhile and I’m now like a different person. muhuuu.

I was treated like a VIP customer then, while cutting my hair… they served me drink.

That’s what we call business strategy!

Today, am going to continue completing my checked list.

Menghitung hari……


Payday List

Lama lagi nak payday… muhuuu.

Boleh dikatakan I’m not 100% ready.

Bila dah payday, banyak benda kena tebus.

  1. Short Haircut
  2. Buy medicine for myself
  3. Beli bakul
  4. Buy formula milk
  5. Buy birthday present for my DearDear
  6. Buy birthday presents for officemates
  7. Buy wedding gift for my friends & cousins
Entah sempat ke tidak nak tebus semua perkara di atas. muhuuuu….

Cerita Yesterday

Supposedly I update this blog yesterday.

But I’m so tired and jump to sleep last nite.

Yesterday had an appointment with the skin specialist again. (Every fortnight)

So every fortnight, beratus2 kena sedekah….

Never mind lah, for the sake of my love….

Yesterday discovered another new complication.

Doc said ‘Ayo.. kesian… ‘

Inilah dugaan.. demi dugaan… before the final day.

Sabo je la…

Food Marathon:

I promised to myself nak redeem Laksa Sarawak kan.

Since terbangun lewat yesterday, so tak sempat nak pegi Kampung Patingan.

We just heading to Madam Tang’s and having a Laksa Sarawak (Large).

Lepas tu tak larat nak habiskan…tapi kena habiskan. ahakz.

Next baton?

The Sweetest Thing

LatelyI realised I’ve been craving of the sweetest things.

Drinks : Everyday I must have grenadine cordial, During raya I drank a lot of carbonated drink. (Strawberry flavour is the best!). Breakfast I drink Soya Beans.

Foods : I ate a lot of Hazelnut Chocolates, Ice Cream, Cakes, Donuts, ABC Special… Grilled Chicken Mushroom….

Aiskrim 3 Tompok

Apa sudah jadi inirr….

Within  2 weeks I gained 3 kg!

It’s like I’m doing a food marathon.

p/s : Tomorrow I’m going to eat Laksa Sarawak. Mesti! ahahaha.

Day 30: a picture of yourself this day and 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge

Day 30: a picture of yourself this day and 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge

5 good things that happened since you started the challenge :

Apa owh…

  1. I’ve completed 3 drugs…
  2. I’ve completed the Solat Tarawih for this year.
  3. I’ve discovered the ‘antidote’ to my skin rash.
  4. I’ve learned that, it wasn’t easy to be a mum…
  5. I can fulfill my food craveness!!! And it’s still ongoing process. yihaaaaa