Cerita Yesterday

Supposedly I update this blog yesterday.

But I’m so tired and jump to sleep last nite.

Yesterday had an appointment with the skin specialist again. (Every fortnight)

So every fortnight, beratus2 kena sedekah….

Never mind lah, for the sake of my love….

Yesterday discovered another new complication.

Doc said ‘Ayo.. kesian… ‘

Inilah dugaan.. demi dugaan… before the final day.

Sabo je la…

Food Marathon:

I promised to myself nak redeem Laksa Sarawak kan.

Since terbangun lewat yesterday, so tak sempat nak pegi Kampung Patingan.

We just heading to Madam Tang’s and having a Laksa Sarawak (Large).

Lepas tu tak larat nak habiskan…tapi kena habiskan. ahakz.

Next baton?

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