There are six options.

All options are all good.

Only one obstacle to getting one of them.


Why money has always been a barrier to get something.

Sometimes I feel jealous to see other people getting on what they what.

Just say it, tomorrow you’ll see they’ll have it.

Money is always an obstacle, when I want something.

Money money money!!!!

But sometimes I am thankful that  I may only be only tested with the lack of money.

Many more people out there who do not have money problems, but tested with other problems. Right??

p/s: Sabarlah wahai Azura….

8 thoughts on “Ka-cheeengss

  1. zura, saya skang habit kumpul duit syiling, rm1 dgn rm 5 … alhamdulillah, ada juga la duit simpanan … hehe … nak tau, duit 50 sen saya dah dekat rm 1000 😀 (bangga dpt kumpul) … tp nak belanja kan nya terasa sayang … masing2 ada kehendak utk beli barang … bukan saja zura tp saya juga! dont worry, zura ada geng 😉

    • Wow.. boleh buat collections tu.
      Saya pon ada kumpul syiling. Dua tabung dah penuh dah.. hehe.
      Best gak menabung ni kan.. Bila dah penuh, rasa sayang plak nak belanje…

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