Bouncy Garden

Hello Monday!

This is Amani’s First Book.

No no.. it’s not all about the froggy…

It’s a good book for baby.

She loves it when I read her the Bouncy Garden book.

The look inside the book.

While reading the book, I’ll make a sound for example this one “Little birds love bouncing in the trees.. Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Chiip chiip chiipp chipp…”

Found me weird? Please don’t.

This type of book can :

  1. Encourages hand-eye coordination
  2. Provide fun and entertainment
  3. Encourages interaction

So, let’s start buying more books for our baby… =)

p/s: Thought of blogging about my pregnancy experience…. Will I  get a bad comment or good comment? I’m afraid, some people might think that I’m kinda bit show off… What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Bouncy Garden

  1. Best2 jak buku nmiak zaman nektuk.. Buku yg kmk ada masa kmk kecik2 baby lok ialah errrr… xda… mak kmk suka bercerita sang gergasi dengan nemiak kecik adik beradik yg jeles.. hehe..

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