(2) The joy continues…

The new experienced continues.. The joy of having the good news was wordless. I text my sister about it.  She said she knew it coz I had complained about my late period and my uneasy feeling wearing tight cloth before. So I asked for her advices then since my mother was still not coming back from Sibu.

Talking about morning sickness, of course I had them. But mine was different.  The morning sickness started from 5pm onward.  You would bet where I was at that time.  ‘Merepuk atas katil’  Couldn’t get up from the bed.  All I want to do was lying around and having thought that, it was the worst part of the day….. (the thought continues until 9 months. I kept thnking ‘Oh no, this was the worst!’ hahaha…. stay tune). For the first and second month I always awakened in the middle of the night.  The morning sickness continues.  Or should I say it was a ‘Evening sickness’ or ‘Midnite sickness’. hahahaha.

If I’m not mistaken it was February then. Cuz I remember attended Ayu & EE’s engagement (bertekol). Ayu keep mentioning to me I looked different that day.  She said ‘Kenak aku nangga ko macam Kak Noor hari tok?’ (Kak Noor is my sister).  Maybe because I wore her baju that day, I replied to her.  I haven’t told anyone except DearDear and Kak Noor that time.

Masih slim vogue gitu… ahaha…. Semoga dapat kembali ke bentuk asal. Ahaks.

To make it official, me and DearDear went to the private clinic.  Once again, do the urine test.  And then the doctor said “Adalah tok Ra…. dah 5 weeks plus..” The doctor told me to register at Klinimk Ibu & Anak when the pregnancy reach 2 months. Then she gave me two days of sick leaves, DearDear also mintak sick leave.  ahakz..

Forgot to mention, DearDear demam seminggu masa tu.  There were speculations among our office colleagues. Especially my office, very kaypo-kaypo. I only told Freda that time and planned to keep it silent as far as I can.  In my opinion, if the pregnancy haven’t reached up to 5 months… it’s better not tol kaypo2 tell everyone.  Sebab kandungan masa tu belum sempurna.  Masih sebesar kacang soya.

After coming back from clinic I phoned my mom. I think she’s happy but she never showed it.  That’s my mom’s style. the funny thing is when she was coming back she bought kain untuk dibuat baju baby. Ketara sekali kain tu kain untuk baby girl. Macam tauk-tauk jak nya girl… hehe.

From that time I started reading on pregnancy magazines, websites, books.. Almost everyday I saw the pregnancy calendar especially the images just to see how was it looked likes inside the womb.  Rasa macam tak sabar nak tengok perkembangan baby from time to times.. Kalau kat situ cakap baby sekarang sebesar jari kelingking, aku siap ukur jari dengan pembaris and imagined it. hehe.

Next entry : Honeymoon trip to KK and the challenges…. muhuhuh.


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