(3) To KK with Love

We’d been planning our ‘trip to the moon’ 5 months before the date.  I was very anxious and looked forward for the trip.  The saving I had keep from my online business would be my budget for the trip. It was the first time me and DearDear fly together and it was also the first time we went to KK. In my mind, there were tones of planning, including going to Manukan Island… if possible we wanted to go to Kundasang as well.

But then… kita hanya merancang, Allah menentukan segalanya. Apart from the ‘midnight sickness’, there was another ‘dugaan’ I had to face. One day at the office, I discovered ‘spotting’.  I was very nervous and afraid at that time. In my mind I had one word. ‘Miscarriage?’ Rasa nak nangis pun ada time tu.  So I text my sister, cuz she also experienced the same problem when she was pregnant withAdam before.  My sister told me to go check-up with the doctor. So I rush to the doctor… (On that day, our boss planned nak belanja makan for the winner during our annual dinner. I had to cancel it as well.. wuwu)

Arrived at the clinic, the doctor scanned me. She said it was normal spotting during earlier pregnancy. Unless, the colour getting darker like fresh blood, then it is called miscarriage… Lega.. tapi masih susah hati. Back at home, terus research pasal spotting on the first trimester.  I had to limit my movement and couldn’t lift up heavy things. I must clear up my mind and never get stressed… Every day I prayed to Allah SWT that this is only a part of his ‘ujian’ for us.

Then it worried me about our trip to KK. Should I go or just cancel it? My friend advice me to cancel it. My sister told me to go on with the plan but be extra careful. Plus, ticket pun dah beli. And… thought that this is the only ‘gate away’ for me to release the tensed.

So there we go… we flew to the moon… hehe. (p/s: the picture above was taken by me during the journey. my fav!)

Suprisingly, my cousins (Lina & Liza) were the same flight with us. It was unexpected and unplanned. So we board together and check-in the same hotel…. even went to sightseeing together-gether lah. Since Liza had went to KK once, so she became our tour guide. hehe.

— My cousins : Lina & Liza.

Well, the spotting keep continuously ‘spotted’. Most of the time I took a rest in the hotel. Luckily our hotel room had a seaview. I still had the morning sickness, but when I went out to shopping the nausea feeling was gone. Bwahahaha… DearDear pun heran.  ‘Mun shopping berjam-jam tahan nya. Pande ilang rasa mual..” Itulah repakan sinis DearDear terhadap ku.

The first kedai makan I searched in KK was McDonald.  Cuz that’s the only food which I can take with appetite. hehe.  I remember Lina’s colleague belanja us makan seafood on the first night in KK. Everything were tasteless to me.  Remember, I had a night sickness. Maybe that’s one of the reason why I didn’t enjoy the food at night.   I can only eat something like ‘umai’ that night. The rest I surrender.

Our prior activities was window shopping and eating. muhahaha… Since I was searching for McDonald (Walopun Kuching ada McD, tapi… sampai di KK masih jugak nak McD. “Macam sik kalak nemu McD jak…” sindiran sinis my DearDear lagi.. ceh), I kagum la almost every shopping complex in KK ada McD. So, don’t ask where we had our lunch… Mostly McD. Sian DearDear & my cousins. Bwahahaha! McD memang makanan Amani rasanya. Sampai 9 bulan, only McD in my heart. My younger brother (Edos) always ‘tapau’ McD burger for me kalau mengidam tengah2 malam.. muhuhu..

Our most visited places. Pasar Phillipines – 1 Borneo. Sebab nak pegi Pasar phillipines tu cuma jalan kaki je. And then gi 1 Borneo just naik charter bus. hehe.  Of course we regret couldn’t go to the island.  But nevermind, maybe some other day. And in future, we will go again now with Amani going along. hehe.

I bought baggy trousers and shirts.  At that time, I already feel uncomfortable wearing tight trousers and shirts. I also easily exhausted. But the worst part was during 8-9 month pregnancy compare to the first trimester. And then another weird habit, I like to smell the morning dew. To me, the fresh air in the morning smells so sweet and refreshing. Until I get back to Kuching, every morning I will put my head out of the window and breathe in the morning fresh air… something I must do every morning.

Talk about the smell I hated the most and the drinks & foods I’m addicted to, I’ll continue for the next entry.