(4) Ongoing temptation

“Hello everyone, I’m 5 months already. Now I can rolling over from my back to my tummy. 

I’m now can grasp thing very fast. Which caused my Mama almost chocked while drinking or eating. 

I guess I inherits her ‘temptation on food’. “


Talking about the temptation, let me continue the story of my pregnancy for the part four (4).

This drink I must have early in the morning, instead of tea. I also brought it to work, the only drink that can get in my bowel system. ahaha.  Or… this one below :

I always craved for Justea Anggur even in the middle of the night.  It was a MUST drink, at least once a week. huhu.

Now let’s talk about food.  It was weird when I discovered I can stand spicy food when I was pregnant.  All the food I dislike were my favourite then.  KFC Hot & Spicy, Nasi Ayam Penyet, Sarawak Laksa (it must be Sarawak Laksa Kampung Patingan) and the most top of them all was DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER. Luckily at that time, there was no promotion of triple cheeseburger. ahaha.

I remember craving it like almost everyday.

I even craved for sweet food such as Cadburys Hazelnut Chocolate (Large packet, which I can eat in one go), Chocolate cake, Big Apple Donuts, Ice Cream with Nuts Sprinkles on the top… Ahaha. I wonder why it must have been specific for certain food.

As for fruits, I don’t crave for something sour. Instead, I was craving for something fresh especially Jambu Batu & FUJI APPLE… Must be FUJI Apple. Not an ordinary apple. muhuhu.

Buah hatiku….. Everyday I must get those apples!

People told me if I was craved for salty & sour food, I might be pregnant with a boy. If I was craved for sweet food, I might be pregnant with a girl.  I was confused with myself then, because my temptation were full of mix tastes. ahahaha.

p/s : Next entry (Part 5) : Talking on things i couldn’t smell… muhuhuhu


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