(7) Pencen movie (Temporary)

Movies that I don’t want to miss.  But I have to sneak into DVD shop soon.. =(  :

1) The Avengers

2) Dark Shadows

How I missed the moment of watching movies with my brother and DearDear especially during pregnancy.

During pregnant, I am a movie addict.

Although I would  feel uncomfortable, but I was still enjoying it.

I think, Amani was responding to the movie also that’s why she kicked me inside. ahaha.

Almost got a hip pain due to sitting for a long period and the cold temperature (that was while watching Transformers in 3D).

Fell asleep at the end of the movie (Almost every movies. The worst is The Green Lantern.)

I remember while watching Hantu Bonceng. That was when I was 7 months pregnant.

Laughing wasn’t the best remedy at that time. I laughed on Zizan and I had to embrace my belly. Because one : It hurts.  Two : I can’t stop laughing.  ahaha. Oh my… how lame. hehe.

Watching Korean Dramas is a must.

Ask my office colleagues, they would end up finding me watching K-Drama. ahaha…

Now I have to pencen movie first. For temporarily lah.  Wait until Amani is grown up. Then we’ll go to the cinemas together. Yippee!

Provoking Saturday

It’s Saturday. Working Saturday.
I hate going to work on Saturday
It’s like provoking my quality times.


How could I leave this little baby.
I always had a ‘heavy feeling’ whenever I had to go to work everyday.
How I wish I was a housewife and can give my 100% attention to my family. Like my mom. I always envy my mom.


By the way. I have finished reading Sutera Bidadari (Ramlee Awang Murshid). Dear,it was a blast! The best so far after Cinta Sang Ratu.
I love it when Ratu is back. Can’t wait for the final ending of this series Sunan Musafir.
May is approaching.
Must find May Drug as soon as possible. Hmmm…

Dear Someone

Dear someone,

I know that your still in grieving and I consider that you are still down at the moment.

But please…. throw away your selfishness.

I’m not your guardian angel who will sit and hear you mourned 24 hours.

I’d sacrifice my time for you and I was a little aggrieved by your attitude.

Have you ever thought what we’ve been through while helping you, heard your mourned?

Have you ever thought that we are also have problems, and you didn’t bother to ask?

Last question. Have you ever thought of our feeling? Especially when suddenly you are avoiding me.

Damn I’m tired of this childish games.

The best way is to leave you alone if this is what you preferred to be your best solutions.

I may be cruel but I have my own commitment.


at 4 a.m.

Now it’s like a routine for me to wake up as earlier at 4am.

This is the time I would do the house chores and blogging…

And sometimes sneaking to get my ‘drug’

Adding one drug for this month is Sutera Bidadari from Ramlee Awang Murshid.

Yes, I’ve been following this epic since introduced by Kak Pidah.

Quite late for a follower for me to read Sutera Bidadari because the last part for this epic will soon to be launch.

Can’t wait!!!

Sunan never frustrated me. Everytime I read this series, automatically I’m entering the screenplay created by RAM.

How I wish it will soon to be a major film. And this time I want Faizal Tahir to become Laksamana Sunan. (Liza, ada gik angan-angan tok… ahahhaa).

Now Amani inherits this reading hobby from me and Dear Dear.

Somehow she has her own style of reading….

p/s: Found the bookmark pieces inside her mouth… Nak marah ke tak? muhuhu

I need a snack and a nap….

Happy Sunday!

Once, someone told me that I’m obsessed about my daughter.

Am I? I was taken aback somehow, but managed to reply ‘Sukahati akulah.. ngan sapa gik aku nak obsess”

I think every mommy out there were obsessed about their children. Don’t you mommies?

It’s not like we’re showing off our children to the world.

It’s like we’re just wanna share our joy and happiness by having a great time raising our children.

It is… something that can’t be described as words indeed.

Well, the person who told me that before is still single. Wait lah…

Okay, today I would like to ‘obsess’ about Amani who had started to love her porridge meal.

I need a SNACK and a NAP (as written on her bip). Can be translated as 'makan tido makan tido' ahahaha

She loves every food that comes into her mouth.

Currently the porridge is her favourite meal.

If only she have a facebook or twitter.  I bet her post will slightly not different like me…

Maybe Amani will write : “Today’s temptation is….. ” “Emmm… the porridge makes my day!”





(6) Honey Months

Second trimester was the honeymoon for me…. Since I’m talking about the 3 months (4, 5 & 6) pregnancies, so I called it honey months.

I could eat whatever I want. I also pass the MOGTT test.  Alhamdulillah….

Mostly I was active for the second trimester.

During 4 months pregnancy – I got the chance to join Dear Dear for an outdoor photography with Ayu & EE.

During 5 months pregnancy – I attended my friend’s wedding.

I even went to visit my hometown in Sibu.

Mostly when I bumped into my friends, they had started didn’t recognised me. Maybe muka dah semakin mengelembu… And if they saw, some of them didn’t realised that I was pregnant. hehe…

Shopping was still my favourite activity. Temptation keeps ongoing like there was no end to it. hehe

From these stages I had welcomed some major symptoms like leg cramps, finger pain and numbness.

Almost every night I had a leg cramps and the shooting pain was undescribable. huhu.  Dear Dear taught me to balas balik whenever I had a leg cramps.

As for the finger pain and numbness, it was the worst part I experienced during 2nd trimester. I couldn’t hold things.  Holding a pen was difficult for me.

My feet started to swell and it was getting worst until my late pregnancies…

During pregnancy, I mostly afraid if my athritis attack. Alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan sedikit sepanjang pregnancies. Tak pernah pun athritis menyerang… Cuma swollen feet je yang buat rasa macam tak selesa nak berdiri or duduk terlalu lama..

p/s : Masa ni ramai yang membuat ‘tebakan’ that I was carrying a boy. Except for my mom, Freda’s mom and Kak Karina… Orang-orang tua selalu tepat… kan… My instinct as well. I had imagined that I was carrying a girl. hehe… 

After Confinement Checklist

Below are my After Confinement Checklist

New blouse – Checked!

New handbag – Checked!

Wishlist Novels – Almost checked (I’ve got your number is yet to be purchased)

New Jeans – ______________________________


I need a new pair of jeans.

I hate looking at my old jeans.

I am still struggling to approach a ‘Katie Holmes’ mission. muahahaha!

A motivation to myself : It tooks 9 months to live in a flabby world.  I just past the 6 months stage.  Another 3 months to get my own ideal weight. Don’t worry too much. Embrace the moment!

p/s: At least I have a beautiful daughter to be proud of… =D


Worried Mama

When Amani’s body temperature hitting until 38 degrees, I was so panicked.

A new experience for a new mommy like me.  Amani never gets fever like this.

It happened after we she was busy entertained peeps during my brother in-law’s wedding.

I spot rashes on her neck and cheeks by then.

The next day her temperature became higher, the worst was in the night.

And then, I spotted the rashes were all over her body. My mom said it could be ‘jerumut’.

The whole day she was sleeping and crying. She also rejected to drink.

Suddenly I feel regret for bringing her to the kenduri.

My activity during kenduri : Finding where was Amani. Baruk jak dilepas kejap terus kenak tanggung orang lain… Bukan nak cokot dengan anak, tapi musim kinek tok sik bagus pas pass baby. Kuching has the highest case for HFMD. Sapa-sapa ada anak kecik ya, better quarantine jak di rumah. Don’t expose your children too much on the outside.

So bila anak dah demam macam tok, aku juak susah. Berjaga malam, terkejar sia sitok embaknya gi klinik, worried worried and worried until aku rasa aku dah slim sikit. wahahhaa. (sempaat..)

After went to Dr. Kon (my favourite doctor since pregnant), luckily we got better explanation from him. So it wasn’t measles or anything. It was just a skin complication after she ate the antibiotics. Some kind of rashes la… Alhamdulillah.

I feel relieved.

Orang kata, mun baby demam ya demam nak ada pemandai.

Amani is 6 months now.

Although nurses advice to introduce solid food on 6 months onwards, actually I have been introduced it to her.

She is now ready for porridge. Can’t wait! hehe…

Changing diapers is a challenging job now.

She is now ‘Si Pengguling’. ahaha.

After work today, I am going to survey a tilam for her guling-guling.

Mama is going to be super active after this ho. muhuhuh

p/s: Semoga impian kembali menjadi Katie Holmes kian tercapai….. ;p

(5) Dislikes

As promised, I continued part (5) with things I dislikes during pregnancy.

I dislikes or more likely using the word I HATE the smell of LEMON. Precisely the GLO Lemon Dishwash.

This is my number one enemy.

I had to banned this dishwash until Amani is delivered. haha.

My mother had to give to my sister another left out stock in our house.

My second enemy is Airwick Air Freshener Green

Those two smells really killing me then.

Rasa macam mencucuk-cucuk sampai ke otak.

Anything connecting with lemon or sour thing were also my enemies.

From that point I had an instinct that I was carried a baby girl.

My smell sense was very sensitive.  I could work with the police. (koatan kuat gilak deria bau tek)

There was one colleague in our office which I couldn’t get closer. Even he hadn’t enter our office or he had just leaving I just knew that he was there. Another colleague had a very annoying smell. Sometimes I could smell a liquor from him, and sometimes I smell him like a burnt rice. bwahahaha!!!

Itulah kelebihan yang ada pada wanita mengandung, tak ada pada orang lain. Subhanallah….

Sneak Peek Wedding

Seronok tengok orang kawen…

Here are my version of sneak peek wedding of my brother in-law Muiz with his soulmate Intan.

Again, I hope I’m not revealing the best part here. hehew

A very nice pelamin from Petra Bridal.

All were ready for the big day.

I remembered during my wedding, at this moment I was very stressed + extra tired until I lost my weight automatically. ahaha..

Sian Amani, everytime she went to Embah & Maknek house, she couldn’t afford to sleep well.  muhuhu.