(5) Dislikes

As promised, I continued part (5) with things I dislikes during pregnancy.

I dislikes or more likely using the word I HATE the smell of LEMON. Precisely the GLO Lemon Dishwash.

This is my number one enemy.

I had to banned this dishwash until Amani is delivered. haha.

My mother had to give to my sister another left out stock in our house.

My second enemy is Airwick Air Freshener Green

Those two smells really killing me then.

Rasa macam mencucuk-cucuk sampai ke otak.

Anything connecting with lemon or sour thing were also my enemies.

From that point I had an instinct that I was carried a baby girl.

My smell sense was very sensitive.  I could work with the police. (koatan kuat gilak deria bau tek)

There was one colleague in our office which I couldn’t get closer. Even he hadn’t enter our office or he had just leaving I just knew that he was there. Another colleague had a very annoying smell. Sometimes I could smell a liquor from him, and sometimes I smell him like a burnt rice. bwahahaha!!!

Itulah kelebihan yang ada pada wanita mengandung, tak ada pada orang lain. Subhanallah….


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