Worried Mama

When Amani’s body temperature hitting until 38 degrees, I was so panicked.

A new experience for a new mommy like me.  Amani never gets fever like this.

It happened after we she was busy entertained peeps during my brother in-law’s wedding.

I spot rashes on her neck and cheeks by then.

The next day her temperature became higher, the worst was in the night.

And then, I spotted the rashes were all over her body. My mom said it could be ‘jerumut’.

The whole day she was sleeping and crying. She also rejected to drink.

Suddenly I feel regret for bringing her to the kenduri.

My activity during kenduri : Finding where was Amani. Baruk jak dilepas kejap terus kenak tanggung orang lain… Bukan nak cokot dengan anak, tapi musim kinek tok sik bagus pas pass baby. Kuching has the highest case for HFMD. Sapa-sapa ada anak kecik ya, better quarantine jak di rumah. Don’t expose your children too much on the outside.

So bila anak dah demam macam tok, aku juak susah. Berjaga malam, terkejar sia sitok embaknya gi klinik, worried worried and worried until aku rasa aku dah slim sikit. wahahhaa. (sempaat..)

After went to Dr. Kon (my favourite doctor since pregnant), luckily we got better explanation from him. So it wasn’t measles or anything. It was just a skin complication after she ate the antibiotics. Some kind of rashes la… Alhamdulillah.

I feel relieved.

Orang kata, mun baby demam ya demam nak ada pemandai.

Amani is 6 months now.

Although nurses advice to introduce solid food on 6 months onwards, actually I have been introduced it to her.

She is now ready for porridge. Can’t wait! hehe…

Changing diapers is a challenging job now.

She is now ‘Si Pengguling’. ahaha.

After work today, I am going to survey a tilam for her guling-guling.

Mama is going to be super active after this ho. muhuhuh

p/s: Semoga impian kembali menjadi Katie Holmes kian tercapai….. ;p


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